Facial Yoga Exercises to reduce Double-Chin and Chubby Cheeks


Facial Yoga exercises are for those who are tired of getting their chubby cheeks pulled or hiding their double chin.  Facial yoga poses (asanas) work not only on slimming your face. They also enhance and activate other organs in your body such as your thyroid gland.  

Doing facial exercises, or Facial Yoga, for the 52 muscles in your face is a natural way to tone facial muscles, release facial tension, neck, and eye strain. Most importantly, they make your face look younger and skin glowing.

After you do the following  6 Most Effective Facial Yoga Poses for 30 days you will get the answers to the questions below:

How long does it take to get rid of a double chin?.
Can Yoga reduce double chin? 
 How do I tighten my jawline? 
How do you do facial Yoga?
What exercises slim your face?    

6 Facial Yoga Exercises – to reduce double chin and chubby cheeks 

1. Fish Face Pose – Face Slimming Exercise 

Fish Face Pose - Face Slimming Exercise 
Source: thoughtcatalog.com

Fish face pose is a very effective and beneficial facial yoga exercise that works to tighten and tone your facial and cheek muscles. It also gives your face a sleek look and reduces chubby cheeks. You can practice this pose at your desk, while watching TV or when you are stuck in traffic.  

How to do – 

Step 1 

Suck your lips and cheeks in forming a fish face. (just like you made a fishy face as a child) 

Step 2 

Holding that face pose, try to smile. You will feel a burn in your cheeks and jaw. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds and then relax.  

Repeat this facial yoga exercise for 10 to 15 times at a stretch for desired results.  

Note – Remember to do this facial yoga exercise once a day and not more.  

Messed Up? Time to Move on 

2. Lion Pose (Simha Mudra) – Facial Yoga Pose for Chubby Cheeks 

Lion Pose (Simha Mudra)
Source: rishikeshyogaclub.com

Lion’s Pose is considered as one of the most powerful breathing exercises (Pranayama) and facial yoga poses to reduce face fat. It also reduces and releases the tension in your jaw, neck, and face.   

This facial yoga exercise leaves you feeling energized and strong. One of the benefits of practising this facial yoga pose is that it activates your thyroid glands for those suffering from thyroid-related issues thereby increasing your metabolism rate. 

This slimming exercise stimulates the platysma – a thin, rectangular-shaped muscle in front of your throat. Thus, helping to strengthen and tone your face muscles as you age.  

Lion Pose also works wonders for facial beauty. When you stretch your tongue out, it increases blood flow on the face thus, rejuvenating the facial cells. Therefore, giving your skin a radiant glow and helps to define your cheekbones.  

How to do  

Step 1 

Kneel down on the floor and sit on your heels. If you don’t find it comfortable to sit in this position then you can even sit cross-legged.  

Step 2 

Then, place your hands on your thighs and slightly lean forwardHold this pose and take a deep breath. 

Step 3 

As you exhale out, open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out forcefully, almost like you are trying to touch your chin with your tongue.  

Step 4 

Then, as you stick your tongue out make a ‘Ha’ sound that replicates the roar of a lion. Hold this yoga pose for 20-30 seconds while breathing normally through the mouth and then release 

Repeat this facial yoga exercise for 3 minutes in a day on an empty stomach.   

3. Mouthwash Technique to reduce face fat 

Mouthwash Technique to reduce face fat 
Source: fabbon.com

The Mouthwash technique is an easy facial yoga exercise that tones your facial muscles by reducing your double chin and laugh lines. It also reduces your chubby cheeks giving you a sleek and chiselled face.   

How to do – 

Step 1 

Sit in a comfortable position and fill one of your cheeks with air.   

Step 2 

Then, transfer that air from one cheek to another just like you would do when you use a mouthwash.  

Step 3 

Do this facial exercise for 20-30 seconds, gradually increasing to 1 minute and relax. Soon after, you will feel a stretch in your cheek muscles. Repeat this facial yoga exercise for 5 to 10 times at a stretch for the best results. 

4. Locked Tongue Pose (Jivha Bandha) – facial yoga exercise

Locked Tongue Pose (Jivha Bandha) - facial yoga exercise shaping your jawline and toning your facial muscles by reducing face fat
Source: anandayoga-youtube.com

In yoga,Jivha means ‘tongue’ and “bandha” means ‘bind or lock’. This locked facial yoga pose increases the blood flow towards your throat, neck, and brain. Hence, shaping your jawline and toning your facial muscles by reducing face fat. This pose also improves your skin tone.  

How to do – 

Step 1 

Sit in a cross-legged position with your spine and neck upright and your hands on your lap.  

Step 2 

Then, place the tip of your tongue against the upper palate of your mouth, almost like you are swallowing your tongue in.  

Step 3 

Once you have locked your tongue in, slowly open your mouth wide till you do not feel a stretch in your throat and neck.  

Step 4 

Simultaneously, breathe normally through your nose and hold this pose for 5-10 seconds.  

Step 5 

Now, close your mouth and bring your tongue back to its original position. Repeat this facial yoga exercise 4 to 5 times, gradually increasing the duration with practice.  

5. Chin Lift – Yoga Pose for Double Chin 

Yoga for double chin
Source: fabafterfifty.co.uk

Chin Lift might seem like it is not an effective facial yoga exercise but it is very fruitful in getting rid of your double chin and face fat. It gives a good stretch to your jaw, throat, and neck. Thus, say hello to a chiselled jawline.  

How to do – 

Step 1 

You can sit or stand to do this facial yoga pose. Now, tilt your head upwards and look at the ceiling.  

Step 2 

Tighten your lips and pout them forward as if you are kissing the ceiling. This will stretch your chin and neck muscles giving them a definite shape.  

Step 3 

Then, hold this pose for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat this facial yoga pose for a few minutes.  

6. Jaw Release – Face Slimming Yoga Pose

facial yoga 101
Source: sharpaspirant.com

Dreaming of a perfect jawline and sharp cheekbones? Then, Jaw Release Pose is the right facial yoga exercise for you. This works as an effective cheek fat burner and also reduces your double chin. It stretches your muscles around your jaws, cheeks, and lips. Moreover, it takes care of your face lines around your mouth and chin.  

How to do – 

Step 1 

You can sit or stand in an upright position to do this facial exercise. So first, close your mouth and move your jaws like you are chewing your food.  

Step 2 

Then,  as you are moving your jaw, breathe in deeply and exhale out from your nose only. Do not breathe from your mouth while you move your jaws. This is where most of you do not realize how you breathe while eating.  

Step 3 

Then, open your mouth wide with your tongue pressed against your lower teeth. Stretch your mouth till you do not feel a burn in your cheeks.  

Step 4 

Hold this pose for 5 seconds and relax. Then, take a deep breath in and exhale out again. Soon after, repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times at a stretch.  


Double chin and extra facial fat are causes for the skin to lose its form but apart from this, age-related collagen loss also causes your skin to lose its elasticity and become saggy. Undoubtedly, it cannot reduce your lines but it can change the downward drift. Thus, facial yoga exercises work on making your jawline sharp, enhances your cheekbones and also shreds face fat to give you a chiselled look.  

Therefore, if you seem conscious of your double chin, chubby cheeks or wrinkles then, give face yoga a try. However, it should be noted, to not do face yoga more than once a day as it could tense the face muscles and cause pain.  

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