5 Tips to Practice Yoga while Travelling – making it Irresistible


Whether you travel for Business or Pleasure – it takes a toll. It can be taxing both mentally and physically. There ought to be a great connect between Yoga and Travelling. No wonder, Instagram posts of most Yogis are filled with images of them practicing yoga while traveling. More and more travel destinations are equipped with Yoga Rooms and instructors with proper facilities along with Gyms.

You will often find Yogis pick up their Yoga mats and backpacks to venture out in nature, to travel, explore, meet new people and other yoga enthusiasts. Yoga While traveling could be by any mode – be it by foot, cycle, train, airplane or automobile – the result is the same – Happy Yogis! 

5 Travel Yoga Tips: Yoga while Traveling 

1. Set Goals and Not Expectations 

Looking at the tight time schedule while traveling – squeezing time for Yoga may sound far-fetched initially. Thus, set goals and not expectations before an upcoming trip.  Check your itinerary for what part of the day you have extra time to practice yoga. Go easy on yourself. 

Set realistic goals such as – 15 minutes of yoga practice first thing in the morning or just before bed. Maybe practice 3-4 Surya Namaskars in the morning as soon as you get up. If you have a layover, practice a few yoga poses such as the Warrior Pose, Triangle Pose, or Standing Forward Bending Pose. You can even practice Yogic Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) while sitting in your car or airplane. When you make easy commitments – it makes it easier to stick to them. I am sure you will agree! 

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“The true fruit of travel is perhaps the feeling of being nearly everywhere at home.” – Freya Stark.


2. Chalk out a Simple Yoga Routine before you start Traveling

Look out for Yoga Poses you can practice while Traveling even if you have confined space. You can do this by either noting them down or Bookmark websites like our WellnessWorks. For those of you who are comfortable with Videos and are traveling alone download Yoga Videos to follow the steps without a Yoga trainer. 

It is better to plan a ‘routine’ and not a ‘schedule’.  The Yoga routine of your choice (either a 15 minute or 30-minute routine) should have the ability to easily fit into erratic timings. The idea is to Practice Yoga irrespective of the time. Any yoga is better than none, right?

Do remember to pack a Yoga Mat – especially designed for holidays! 

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3. The Right Yoga Pants, Yoga Props, and Yoga Mat 

Yoga Pants:

One pair of Yoga Pants with a T-shirt or Tunic is all you need while practicing yoga as long as it is comfortable and saves you valuable packing space. If you sweat a lot and live in a hot climate – pack two pairs so that you can give one for laundry. 

Yoga Props:

Forget about packing blocks, straps or any other props used for yoga while traveling to save on baggage weight.  Substitute block with heavy books borrowed from the hotel. Or else, you could just roll up a blanket that can act as a meditation pillow.  

Yoga Mats:

Do you know there are fold-able Yoga-mats easily available online and take minimal baggage space. You could get it delivered online to the hotel if you are running out of space. For those of you who prefer carrying your regular Yoga mats – there are especially designed bags that can be carried separately. 

Go ahead! Do some research!

With Yoga becoming popular among travelers, most of the hotels lend you Yoga Mats for the duration of your stay, Call and check your hotel or resort or Air BnB before you pack.  Many hotels have specialized yoga retreats that offer everything you need to focus on your practice and be able to relax. Many of these retreats include Kundalini Yoga meditation, Wellness and Yoga Workshops, and Yoga Swing. 

Just in case you forget and don’t have a yoga mat at all.  The best substitute is to use a large towel, sheet or your camping bag. Try doing Yoga on the grass, or sand, nothing beats having direct contact with nature. make sure it is a clean stretch without any worms or insects feasting on you while you Yoga. 

Yoga mats are recommended for Yogis to grip the floor firmly and have stability while practicing Yoga while Traveling. I am sure none of us would like to be injured that too while traveling.  

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4. Join a Local Yoga Class 

No matter where in the world you travel, there will always be a yoga studio nearby or in the hotel. Google and find out the Yoga community near the beach or lakeside before you travel.  You could even, check at the local parks where people practice yoga. Moreover, you have the added benefit of adding some amazing tips from co-Yoga Practitioners who also practice yoga while traveling.  

You don’t want to go for a Yoga Class – try this on your own: 

Take out five minutes and try a Cat-Cow Pose so that you stretch and extend the lower back. Also, do the simple-most Standing Forward Bend: Keep your feet parallel to each other at hip-distance apart. Take a deep breath in and raise your hands up and stretch. Release your breath while bending down by lowering your head towards your knees. touch the fingers tips to your feet and let the head weight hang down to create space for your vertebrae. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and keep breathing in and out deeply while you do so. Come out of the pose by inhaling deep as you gently lift your arms and head up and then finally bringing them back to your sides. 


5. Improvise Yoga While Traveling 

 There is much more to yoga while traveling that one can practice. You do not have to on a yoga mat all the time while practicing yoga. Yoga practice is far more than just poses or asanas. 

While waiting during layovers you could practice simple stretches, neck and shoulder rolls and ankle over knee stretches. For those odd times when schedules do not go as per planning practice a few breathing exercises (Pranayama) to instantly calm yourself and lower stress levels.  Moreover, if you have a Yoga Playlist of your favorite music and mantras. Calm and soothing music make traveling easier and help to focus on your breathing.

You can also Chant Mantras silently when in transit or when the flight is taking over. (That rumble on the runway could be intimidating for long hauls).  



Try these Yoga postures (Asanas) to ease that stiff shoulder or neck with endless meetings and travel:

  1. Yoga Mudras
  2. Chair yoga poses like Forward Bend Pose, Cat-Cow Stretch Pose, and Corpse Pose.



7. 10 Top Yoga Poses to Practice while Travelling 

  1. Surya Namaskar 
  2. Triangle Pose 
  3. Eagle Pose 
  4. Cobra Pose 
  5. Standing Forward Bend Pose 
  6. Bridge Pose 
  7. Head Stand Pose 
  8. Shoulder Stand Pose 
  9. Downward Facing Dog Pose 
  10. Corpse Pose 



Bottom Line 

Yoga while traveling reduces and prevents the aches and pains that occur when you are on the road. The moment you get the chance aim to lengthen your lumbar spine – that tends to get compressed sitting long hours on the driving seat or on an airplane seat. Sitting posture could be detrimental to your health. All you need is forward planning, right Yoga gear, correct attitude, self-love, and the Yoga-routine best suited for you.

Practicing Yoga while traveling will help you discover – not only your destination but also deepen your practice and revitalize your mind, body, and soul.

Tell us how you keep up with practicing Yoga while Travelling? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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