The ultimate guide to choosing yoga pants

how to choose yoga pants right

The ultimate guide to choosing Yoga Pants is here for you!

Yoga Pants – How to choose the right one for you?

Yoga pants come in many and varied shapes, sizes, colours and textures. They retail from $ 80 to $ 800 and to the yoga beginner choosing yoga pants is the next toughest task after choosing the right yoga style

Whether your yoga pants are part of the gear that helps you get the most out of your yoga pose or your bright pink has a calming effect on your fashion conscious today yoga pants are a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe whether yoga is on the cards or not.

There is no escaping the yoga pant and there are as many forms of yoga leggings out there as there are different styles of yoga.

History of yoga clothing

Yoga has a history that goes back 1000’s of years.  In the beginning, there really wasn’t much emphasis attached to the traditional yoga outfit.  However, the general rule at the time was for the yoga student to wear loose clothing in natural fibres like cotton.

ancient yoga wear dhoti

At this time both the student and guru were men so the dhoti was the regulation outfit.

The dhoti, in this case, was not the usual free-flowing outfit but involved a complex wrap pattern that was body hugging much like a multi-layered cotton swimming costume.

This then morphed into shorts and then into yoga bloomers and the ‘yogatard’ a kind of unitard before they finally morphed into the yoga capris in the late ’80s.

Currently, the yoga studio is packed with yogis wearing ankle to knee length leggings in great variety that goes by the name of yoga pants.


Factors that help choose the right yoga pant
  1. The thumb rule while choosing your yoga outfit is its form.  You don’t want it to be so tight that you cannot breathe or move
  2. Also, you don’t want it to be so loose that it keeps riding down or up. You will end up adjusting it while in the midst of your yoga pose
  3. Keep your yoga clothes loose enough so you can move, but not so loose that it rides up.
  4. Choose the right fabric, pick a material that both breathes and if possible soaks up the moisture from the exercise as well. Synthetic and cotton both work here.
  5. Smooth but not slippery. Make sure that your pants, shorts and top wear are smooth but not slippery. Because it will cause you to lose balance if the material of your yoga wear is too slippery.
  6. These days the fabric has a grip factor to it that is very supportive of the different yoga poses.
  7. Get a pair of yoga socks as well. These will help you avoid slipping on your yoga mat.

Sarah Levey, co-founder of Y-7 Yoga says: “No one has time to hike up her pants when she’s trying to flow, the waistband should be wide and flat so that it stays put throughout your class—and doesn’t dig into your lower back during mat-based poses, she says. And leave the fancy, tight fabrics at home.”

Speaking on the high-calorie-burning yoga exercise routine Levey adds: “My favourite pants to wear in hot yoga have fabric that’s designed for people who are sweating heavily, as opposed to regular Lycra.

Free flowing ‘Drawstring Yoga Pants’ for Kundalini Yoga

 how to choose yoga pants i

If you are off to the yoga studio to catch up on peace calm and quiet then the yoga pant with a drawstring and comfortable fit is highly recommended.

Tightening and tying the drawstring on the yoga pant gives you a relaxed feel with ample room to breathe.

The movement to is easy and unrestricted which makes it an easy wear easy exercise garment.

Type of Yoga these pants are best suited: Kundalini Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga

Since these yoga clothes are lightweight, free-flowing and organic  they  do not cling to the body but at the same time do not  constrict movement  and are best suited to the Kundalini and  Jivamukti  forms of Yoga

‘Lounge Wear’ for Restorative or Hatha Yoga

Lounge Wear' for Restorative or Hatha Yoga Relaxing Pose Picture

Loungewear Slacks made of materials like bamboo, organic cotton and spandex to are a comfortable fit on the yoga mat. Especially if you are not into a very strenuous form of yoga practice.

The warm, cosy and stretchy fabrics that are both flowing and have a certain form to them. They are  best suited to the  Restorative or Hatha yoga style as  they keep you comfortable while retaining body heat a necessity  if you are using bolsters blankets of blocks to healing a certain part of your body

Wear ‘Capris’ for Ashtanga Yoga

Capris for Ashtanga Yoga Asanas Pictures Poses

If you are choosing a strenuous form of yoga practice we would suggest Capri-style yoga pants for both men and women.

These body-hugging yoga pants in mostly synthetic materials with an elastic waist are best if you are into complex yoga poses. Moreover,  they won’t fall down when you’re holding downward-facing dog pose.

Wear a pair of form-fitting Capri’s not shorts for Ashtanga yoga practice. Capri’s actually include traction for certain positions, like down dog pose. Ideally, your lowers should end slightly prior to the ankles thus Capris are your best bet.

For Bikram or Hot Yoga wear Absorbant leggings
Split Asanas Pranayam Wellnessworks Mindfulness wellness


If you’re headed the hot yoga way and you know that for the next hour or so you are going to be sweating. Look out for sweat-resistant fabrics that won’t be soaking wet by the end of class.  Shop shelves are piled up with yoga pants that are made of sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric. So you are spoilt for choice.

As you know Bikram or Hot Yoga is a very vigorous form of yoga practised in a room where the temperature is above 100 degrees F.  You are bound to get sweaty. It is best to wear moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or polypropylene. Fabrics like these will wick sweating far from the skin, making you more comfortable throughout your session.

What not to wear to Yoga Class

Cute animal poses doing poses and asanas


  1. While the fitted, long black yoga pants are the little black dress of the yoga studio. Make sure your yoga pants are not seen through on the stretch or you may reveal more than you intended to.
  2. Muffin tops, loose baggy t-shirts, G-strings and bikini tops are all a ‘no’ ‘no’ at the yoga studio. This is so unless you are cool with attracting unwanted attention while you are in the midst of a yoga pose.
  3. Last but not least give the jeans a miss especially if you are headed to the yoga studio. Because the thick fabric is neither comfortable not stretch enough for this form of exercise.

Today there are hundreds of offshoots schools of yoga. With so many subcultures within the culture of yoga, it’s difficult to standardise. You have to be aware of what a particular yoga practice entails and choose your attire accordingly.

Otherwise, it would be like wearing football shoes to a tennis game. You would literally be on the yoga mat, caught on the wrong foot quite literally.

Finally, we thought we would make this interesting for you. Here are a set of pictures of Hollywood celebs wearing yoga pants who have certainly given us some yoga pant fashion goals.

Who do you think is the hottest or coolest among them?  Whose Yoga style matches closest to you or your friend in your life. Share with them or leave a remark in the column below.

Selene Rosie Kim Yoga Attire
How to Chose Yoga Pants

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