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Who are We

Part of ideas4lives we are the fastest growing group in the wellness self-help space.  Over the last 6 months, we have grown at a phenomenal 200% and there is a good reason.

Our wellness website is a leading publisher in the self-improvement sphere Through our blogs videos and visual material we endeavour to all round improvement in mind body and soul

Our meditation and yoga workshops have and continue to help hundreds of thousands across the world achieve improved health profound peace and deep fulfilment.

Our and transformational books, online courses, lectures and workshops around the world.

Why advertise on


That’s us, coming to you it is important for your product or service that you or build awareness and increase sales of your product in the most noticeable manner possible.

That’s why it’s important to choose right. We bring to you the perfect blend of creativity and tech to deliver the largest reach and recall of you advertisement/exposure on, at rates that are very reasonable, making every dime you invest in marketing your product count.

WellnessWorks offers creative, high-impact advertising solutions for partners across our website, social media, YouTube, and live properties.

We excel in creative consultancy and advertising solutions that blend in perfectly with what is trending in the movies on the internet so that you can maximize your exposure in a creative manner.

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 As an affiliate

As our affiliate, you and your online properties, websites, blogs YouTube pages can earn a sales commission of up to 50% for partnering us in referring people to the Wellnessworks website to purchase products and online courses. Help people from around the world to a journey of personal growth in mind body and soul

Together let all of us around the world grow in mind body and soul