Messed up? Time to move on

messed up move on with confidence self esteem

messed up move on with confidence self esteem

messed up move on with confidence self-esteem

Messed up move on with confidence self-esteem

For a long time now I have liked the word perfectionist and have tried very hard to achieve that badge many a time. Truthfully in the past I have gone about tasks in a manner that prompted those around me to plant the title on me, I loved the flash bulbs and the attention.With time I realize that in reality I am far from perfect, I mess up too big time, don’t we all and  it is then more than ever that I tell myself
messed up, move on !!
Rule No 1
Do not question
The first thing that we do when things go wrong is ask the big questions, how could I have done this? Why me? What’s wrong with me?  Why did this happen to me? Then comes the blame game, who can I pin this whole mess on? Who can I blame? Following close is the third big fantasy question. Isn’t this a disaster? Will it ever end? Or better still, is this the end?  We all feel the urge to condemn ourselves to blame others and to fantasize disaster. STOP, every time you have a questioning negative thought stop the thought. I know it is not easy but if we do not stop ourselves, the questions slowly take over and ruin our self confidence. Push them aside with the power of the positive change your negitive  thoughts and self questions to positive thoughts you have messed up, move on not with positive thinking.
Rule No 2
Just keep going
More often than not when we mess up and the negative questioning creeps in we just sit down, give up and let more negativity in. It is at times like this that we can be our best coach. Get up, stand up and walk on. Forgive yourself for the mess, pick up the pieces and keep walking. It is important to keep reminding  yourself to just KEEP WALKING. The  course of action usually means finding a fix to the mess, every problem has a solution. Put all your resources and strength behind it. If it means getting help, ASK FOR IT and GET IT. In a mess we fear asking for help, don’t because many a time it is just not possible to go the road alone.  So whey you are messed up move on  and just keep moving.
Rule No 3
Believe in yourself
Nine times out of ten I have seen that the solution to the problem, mistake, mess lies within.  At times like this, when things go  wrong as they often do  I tell myself the only one who is going to get me out of this is ME whenever I’m faces with messd up, move on is my motto and its all up to me.  The solution to the  problem will never be found on the surface, you have to dig deep within yourself to find it. Love yourself believe in yourself your beauty and wisdom and it will get you thru. Insights have always come when I move away from the problem and look deeper within myself. I call it the energies of belief, when you use all your energies to constructively look for a solution it will appear, sometimes out of nowhere like a miracle, at other times not so dramatic but you have to first believe in yourself and the fact that there is a solution.
Rule No 4
Be strong walk away
Sometimes it is best for the mess and the only solution, for you to walk away. Many a time we see it but do not always believe it. At times like this it takes all the courage within us to let go, to turn our backs on the mess and walk away. A word of caution here, this can only be done AFTER you have explored all options and you feel the solution is walking away from the mess. It is hard because many a time the problem becomes a part of you there are others involved and you feel it your responsibility to clear up the mess. Do your best to but have the courage to walk away, especially if after exploring all angles and thinking it thru you believe this mess is not your baby, but be sure to ask yourself  the question are you running away and get an answer to it before you step away.
Accept a mistake, shoulder your part, find a solution to it and grow.  And if it is still  an unfixable mess walk away. My mother used to say,”you make them mistakes only so that  you grow up what she meant was messed up, move on son you will grow up. “


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