11 Proven Ways to Boost Immune System and Prevent Cold and Flu

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With spring in the air bringing in lots of pollens in the air – the chances of one catching the cold and flu are ten-times more. The best way is to prevent cold and flu is to Boost your Immune System.  A weak body and mind slow you down – thus adding stress to your life. Thus, the best way is to try and boost your immunity system by simple easy methods to work from home.  

You could catch a cold due to common reasons like eating or drinking something cold, taking a cold head bath or exposure to cold temperature or rains. How to combat these unavoidable circumstances by pumping up your immune system is the trick to a healthy life. 

11 Ways to Boost Immunity and Prevent Cold and Flu

1. WASH YOUR HANDS as FREQUENTLY – as you can 

Many of us have this habit of stopping our cough or sneeze with our bare hands. Often we forget that the same hands carry the germs carried by droplets coughed out or sneezed out onto the palms of your hands. These germs or viruses get transferred on the keyboard on our computers, car door handles, glass panes, kitchen tops, doorknobs or even our cellphones.

Thus, the best way to avoid the transfer of germs or viruses to others is to wash your hands as often as you can. The other way to prevent the cold and flu from spreading is to use your upper arm, handkerchief or clean tissue to cough or sneeze into. 

Always wash your hands before you eat anything no matter how small it is. Teach your kids to wash hands after they use the restroom. 

Easy! Isn’t it! 

Another method to keep your hands disinfected is by using a hand sanitizer frequently. It is the presence of alcohol in the sanitizer that helps the virus or germs to be killed. However, wash your hands before you cook or eat so that the remains of the germs or alcohol on your palms do not enter your food.  



The easiest place for germs to enter your body is through your nose, mouth and eyes. Nails can hide viruses that are life-threatening. Therefore, for those of you who bite your nails – its time to give up the bad habit. 

The best habit is – to avoid touching your face – no matter what. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth and nose. If you do have to touch, use a clean tissue or napkin and throw them in the wash immediately after use. In case you cannot wash them immediately, put the tissue in a closed bin and the napkin in a  closed laundry basket. 



3. To AVOID COLD – get a flu Vaccine

A seasonal flu-vaccine is an effective method to avoid cold and cough to protect yourself from deadly viruses. Within 2 weeks of having the shot – the vaccines trigger the antibodies to develop in your body. Be forewarned – flu vaccine could have side effects especially allergic to chicken eggs. 

Note: The flu vaccine does not prevent flu completely for everyone. But, it decreases the severity of the symptoms caused by flu. 

4. Boost Intake of VITAMIN ‘C’ and ‘D’ – boost Immune SysTem 

People worldwide are known to have a deficiency of Vitamin C and D due to unhealthy eating habits. Thus they end up with a weak immune system along with poor bone growth and cardiovascular issues. 

The weaker your immune system is – the more susceptible you are to diseases like – cold, flu and dry cough. 

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D eat: yoghurt, cheese, lentils, mushrooms, egg yolks, salmon, beef liver and canned tuna. Another way to increase Vitamin D in your body is to spend time in sunlight and the sun.

Vitamin C deficiency can be overcome by eating: Citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, Lemon juice, guava, strawberries and papaya. In vegetables eat – broccoli, capsicum and Brussel sprouts.



A healthy wholesome diet boosts your immune system. It helps keep the immune system strong enough to fight germs and recover much faster from infections. Fruits, vegetables, low-fat proteins, complex carbohydrates, and pro-biotics are the keys to good nutrition that will strengthen your immune system. 

Foods such as garlic, kiwi, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables are all cruciferous vegetables. They are low-calorie, and rich in folate, vitamins C, E, and K, and fibre.  

Also, consuming yoghurt that contains probiotics improves the regularity of your digestive system and helps to boost immune function. Regular use of probiotics keeps you healthier and decreases upper respiratory infections like the common cold. 

Researchers in South Korea found that eating yoghurt that includes probiotics for up to 3 months can make it easier to avoid cold and flu viruses. 

Healthy Eating Habits – as per Ayurveda



Working out and exercising daily will boost your immune system, keep you fit and healthy and uplift your confidence. This will also help to avoid cold and flu viruses that otherwise will make you sick if you are not into exercising. The white blood cells in your body, which help to fight against infection, increases and circulates more rapidly with exercise. This offers another layer of protection against infection. 

Exercise daily for at least 30 to 60 minutes per day of moderate-intensity movements such as walking, cycling, swimming or aerobics. 

The F-Word Super Personal Trainer Sapna Khanna uses with Effect


Drinking plenty of fluids particularly water is one of the best ways to avoid cold and flu viruses. Staying hydrated helps to flush out toxins from your body and strengthens your immune function to fight the viruses. Drinking plenty of liquids, whether cold or hot, keeps the mucous membranes moist avoiding any germs from entering. 

Above all, prevent dehydration as it can weaken your body’s defences to fight cold and flu. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol suppresses your immune system, making it more vulnerable to sickness. It also disrupts your sleep cycle and this raises the risk of infections in your body.  

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, and other liquids such as herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices. 

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We all know that smoking is harmful and dangerous for your health and also not very easy to quit. Smoking increases the risk of infections by making changes in the respiratory tract and decreasing your immune system. It prevents the body from keeping the germs away from the nose and lungs. It also destroys cilia, the hair-like fibres inside your nose, which can help increase infection risks. 

Smoking can also dry out your mucous membranes and make them more vulnerable to germs. Thus, to avoid cold and flu viruses, it is best to quit smoking. 

Habits in the forming



Staying up late to binge-watch your favourite TV show might not be ideal for your health. Lack of adequate sleep is associated with lower immune function and can leave you vulnerable to illnesses. Sleep hygiene is very beneficial for your health, it isn’t about the quantity of sleep as much as the quality of sleep. Thus, a regular sleep cycle will maintain your sleep quality and also boost your immune system. Keep away all electronic devices before getting into bed.  

According to the National Sleep Foundation, school-age children need between 9 to 11 hours of sleep, while adults need 7 to 9 hours of good sleep.  

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If your family, friends or colleagues have fallen sick, keep your distance from them as you can catch a cold or flu as well.  Keep a distance of 2-3 meters from them. The virus can be contagious up to 2 weeks even if the person is on antibiotics. Antibiotics do not treat viral infections but curb the common cold.  

Also, to avoid cold do not share cups, straws, food or other personal items. The virus can be dormant for 24 to 72 hours before the symptoms begin.

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11. REDUCE STRESS – Boost Immune System

Stress affects you in a number of ways both physically and mentally. It increases the possibility of getting sick. Moreover, stress also affects the duration of your recovery as it takes longer to heal. It disrupts your sleep cycle, appetite, and emotional well-being. To boost Immune system and avoid cold and flu virus, keep your stress levels down by identifying the reason, learning stress and anxiety management techniques, practising yoga and meditation, and indulging in activities you love doing.  

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