How and Why to do Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath) – Step by Step


Bhastrika (भस्त्रिका ) is a Sanskrit language word meaning ‘Bellows’. The characteristic of Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath) is a rapid succession of forcible expulsions. Best way to understand Bhastrika Pranayama is by comparing it to a blacksmith blowing his bellows rapidly.  Therefore, it is the best Yogic practice to help cleanse the nervous system and […]

What’s the Best time to do Yoga – Morning or Evening and Why?


As we start talking about the best time to do Yoga Poses/Asanas – I listed a series of most commonly asked Questions by Yoga practitioners across the world. Here are the questions as well as their most relevant answers to help you understand Yoga Guidelines and Precautions. What is the Best Time to Do Yoga […]

Why a Young Boy Quits Football – Short Story Motivational


Stage 1: Why did the Young Boy Quit Football – Short Motivational Story One Minute Feel Good Short Story (500 words):  There was once a young boy who was trying very hard to get into his School Football team. He was very hardworking and played his sport sincerely, yet he missed getting into the final […]

How to perform Purvottanasana, Inclined Pose, Upward Plank Pose Yoga


Purvottanasana, Inclined Pose or Upward Plank Pose has many names.  Its also called Reverse Plank, Back Bend or Upward Plane. Purvottanasana a Sanskrit word from where it derives its meaning = Intense stretch of the front portion of the body. The most commonly used names are Purvottanasana, Inclined Pose or Upward Plank Pose (to be […]

How to Correctly do Uttanpadasana (Raised Leg Poses) Yoga Asanas


During Yoga Asanas (Poses) practice a huge emphasis is laid on Uttanpadasana (Raised Leg Poses) of both kinds – Eka Pada Uttanpadasana (Single Raised Leg Poses) and Dwi Pada Uttanpadasana (Double Raised Leg Poses).  In this article, I will answer in detail the following most commonly asked questions on both Single and Double Raised Leg […]

Gautama Buddha Quotes on Love, Life, Peace, Happiness, Hurt, Karma


To start with the Famous Buddha Quotes or what Buddha said about Love, Life, Peace, Happiness, Hurt or Karma – you should first understand who is Lord Buddha. Thus, after reading you will understand why are they so popular and quoted across the world. Lord Buddha’s real name was Siddhartha Gautam also called Gautam Buddha […]

How to prepare for Yoga? How to start Yoga at home


Before we start Yoga Poses let us first understand how to prepare for Yoga at home and what are the prerequisites to start the practice.  A lot of people follow religious leaders without really knowing the purpose of life. Only satisfied with the rituals and traditions. Yoga imparts practical and scientific techniques to find the […]

Best Yoga Quotes and Surya Namaskar Quotes


Through Yoga Quotes and Surya Namaskar Quotes – you will understand the deeper meaning and essence of Yoga as we approach World Yoga Day on 21st June. Yoga prescribes methods to develop and train the physical body and mind. The mind must be healthy and strong. Yoga teaches to concentrate the mind and discover its […]

How to do the 12 Basic Yoga Postures: Names, Steps, Pictures, Benefits


What are the 12 Basic Yoga Poses (Asanas), especially for beginners – is one of the most asked questions each year before the World Yoga Day celebrated on 21st Jun. So, here I have compiled the 12 Basic Yoga Poses for all our readers from across the globe and for all of you who want […]

Manjal Kashayam Benefits and Recipe To Boost Immunity


When you think of Boosting Immunity – what are the first names that pop in your head? Are they: Turmeric (Haldi), Cinnamon (Dal Cheeni), Ginger (Adrak or Saunth), Pepper (Kaali Mirch), Carom (Ajwain), Cloves (Laung), Cumin (Jeera), Cardomom (Elaichi). You will be surprised to know all the ingredients above, are included in the magical Ayurvedic […]