Manjal Kashayam Benefits and Recipe To Boost Immunity


When you think of Boosting Immunity – what are the first names that pop in your head? Are they: Turmeric (Haldi), Cinnamon (Dal Cheeni), Ginger (Adrak or Saunth), Pepper (Kaali Mirch), Carom (Ajwain), Cloves (Laung), Cumin (Jeera), Cardomom (Elaichi).

You will be surprised to know all the ingredients above, are included in the magical Ayurvedic drink called Manjal Kashayam!

Manjal Kashayam Benefits and its ingredients have been passed by grandmothers from one generation to the other.

For example: My Grandmother would say if you feel you cannot stop coughing while sleeping – boil a few pinches of carom (Ajwain) in a cup of hot water till it reduces to half a cup and strain it and sip it before you sleep. As long as I remember my mother has been making a quick boiled drink called Kaadhaa in Indian Homes mostly made by Carom (Ajwain), Ginger (Adrak), Pepper (Kaali Mirch) and Jaggery (Gudd).  

Meaning of Manjal Kashayam

Manjal Kashayam means a water Decoction in English, also called Kwath or Kadhaa in Hindi. It is a water extract made by a single or group of herbs usually used to treat diseases like cough, common cold, bloating or indigestion. 

It is the easiest decoction to make at home since you will find most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Mostly, Indians have been known to use all these superfoods in their daily meals. 

Click here for my detailed Recipe on How to make Manjal Kashayam Drink for Immunity 

How to make Manjal Kashayam Drink to Boost your Immune System

I learnt the Ayurvedic drink as well as Manjal Kashayam benefits from a very Senior Ayurvedic Doctor Dr Kaviraj who our family used to consult as I grew up. He recommended Manjal Kashyam drink every time we had a cold, flu or cough of any sorts. As a child, I used to wonder how can one drink has so many benefits! 

To understand the real Manjal Kashayam benefits – as I write this article – I wish our Ayurvedic Doctor Kaviraj was alive to read it. I am thankful to Dr Kaviraj for the innumerable times he cured my family members of cold, flu, cough or viruses. 

Manjal Kashayam Benefits – A Drink to Boost Immunity

No, it is not necessary to drink Manjal Kashayam only when you want to boost your immunity or cure yourself. You can easily consume Kashayam to improve your overall body health as well. 

Before I start telling you about Manjal Kashayam  Benefits – let me answer two of the most commonly asked questions: 

Question: When should we drink Manjal Kashayam? 

Answer:  The best time to drink Manjal Kashayam is in the morning before breakfast.  Remember, to always check the taste before you give it to younger children as it can be spicy. In case it is spicy – please add sugar to make it sweet or water to dilute it. 

Question: How to make Manjal Kashayam Herbal drink? 

Dry Ingredients: 

1 tsp cardamom (small elaichi),  1tsp cloves (laung), 2 tsp carom (ajwain), 2 tsp peppercorn, 2tsp cumin seeds (jeera), 5-6 medium long sticks of cinnamon (dal cheeni)

Wet Ingredients: 

2 tspn of grated raw turmeric or 3 tspn of dry turmeric or haldi powder, 2 tspn of grated raw ginger or 3 tspn of dry ginger or adrak powder (saunth), Jaggery or honey (as per taste is optional) and 1.5 litres of water


Grind all the dry and wet ingredients to a powder or wet paste and, mix them in 1.5 litres of water. Boil them for 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink in a shot glass. If it is too spicy for your taste you can dilute it with water and also add a little jaggery, honey or sugar. Try and drink one shot glass a day to cure a cold, cough, flu, bad throat or to boost immunity.  

Here is our detailed recipe on How to make Manjal Kashayam to Boost Immunity 

Manjal Kashayam Benefits:

Benefit 1: Boosts Immunity and Prevents Common Cold and Cough

If you start drinking a small glass (or a shot glass) to benefit from Manjal Kashayam every morning it will tremendously improve your immune system. It also reduces the chances of you catching a cold, cough, fever or flu. 

In case you do not want to drink it regularly: use it as a medicine shot to treat yourself in case you show symptoms of cold, cough, fever or flu. 

Benefit 2: Manjal Kashayam Cures Headaches

You could suffer from headaches due to various reasons. Most of the headaches are due to lack of proper blood circulation blocking the channels. Manjal Kashayam clears the channels, soothes and balances Kapha Dosha. Kapha Dosha is a major reason for Headaches as per Ayurveda.  

Know your Body Type or Dosha and Food Recommended 

Benefit 3: Manjal Kashayam Improves Digestion and gas

You will usually see Indian homes where Granny’s recommend carom (Ajwain) for almost any kind of stomach ache. I personally keep a small bottle of carom (ajwain) tucked in my handbag. I carry it with me especially during travelling when one tends to eat heavier meals. Carom (Ajwain) in the Manjal Kashayam benefits your stomach by keeping it strong and providing instant relief from acidity and indigestion. “The active enzymes in ajwain, thymol, helps in the secretion of gastric juices that improve digestion.”  

Ginger content in Manjal Kashayam holds great benefits like:

  1. prevents nausea
  2. regulates the sugar levels
  3. cures the digestive process 
  4. gives a soothing effect to your stomach and
  5. helps eliminate gas from the body

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Rheumatism is treated by practising Shamana Chikitsa. It is a method where the rheumatic condition is pacified by taking steam, supplements and giving massages. The best nutrient supplement, here is Manjal Kashayam with the maximum benefits. 

Asthma is essentially due to inflammation in the airways making it uneasy for the bearer. Asthma also causes difficulty in breathing. You will find Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves all present in Majal Kashayam are best for anti-inflammatory ayurvedic medicine. The benefits of Manjal Kashayam are huge because it both manages and reduces the symptoms of asthma. Moreover, it reduces the frequency of attacks of asthma. 

Not only these, but the Manjal Kashayam benefits are endless. Not just orally, but you can also use it in other manners as well.  You can use it for gargling a sore throat, washing sticky or infected eyes or washing wounds to name a few. 


There are numerous Manjal Kashayam benefits – making it one of the most popular and effective ayurvedic concoctions to manage various diseases. Cold, cough, fever or flu are one of the most common reasons to consume Kashayam. 

Once you learn the easy 15 minutes recipe to make Manjal Kashayam – there is no looking back. I would say before you start making or consuming Manjal Kashayam do consult an Ayurvedic Doctor for best results.

For those of you who have time-limitations, some ayurvedic stores also provide with Manjal Kashayam Powders – easy to mix in lukewarm water and readily used. 

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How to make Manjal Kashayam Drink to Boost your Immune System



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