10 Questions about Sun Salutation asked by Beginners – Answered


Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is an Ancient Indian Yoga ritual followed by millions across the world today. I read and watch questions and myths floating around on the internet about this most healthy practice. Thus, I sat down to collect facts on them by consulting International Certified Yoga Trainer and Guru Denzil Oconnell.     […]

Inspirational Mindfulness Quotes to Live By


Mindfulness Quotes make you aware of the beautiful moments in regard to who we are, our feelings, our breath, thoughts, circumstances, the environment and our body. Mindfulness is simply living fully in the moment by becoming willfully conscious and building awareness.  Mindfulness Practice is : “Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the […]

Affirmations: Forgiving Yourself to Heal Your Soul


Forgiveness is easier said than done, more so when you set out with the intention of Forgiving Yourself to Heal your Soul. A lot of us walk around with pain in the deepest recess of our heart. Moreover, we seldom realise that by nurturing and living with the wound of unforgiveness – we are doing […]

Natural Remedies to Treat Allergies while you Stay at Home


There are more than 1,20,00,000 Google search results on “Natural remedies to treat allergies.” Then, why should you read this article? You should read this article because it gives away Indian Physician Dr Hemany Pathak’s tried and tested natural remedies to treat allergies. Mr H.K. Bakhru an expert naturopath winner of ‘Gem of Alternative Medicines’.  […]

How to make Manjal Kashayam Drink to Boost your Immune System


If you are looking for the perfect drink to boost your immune system – you are in the right place. It is rare to know of someone who has not suffered from common cold or cough. Cold and cough occur mainly due to tiny infectious things called a virus. You will be surprised to know […]

11 Proven Ways to Boost Immune System and Prevent Cold and Flu

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With spring in the air bringing in lots of pollens in the air – the chances of one catching the cold and flu are ten-times more. The best way is to prevent cold and flu is to Boost your Immune System.  A weak body and mind slow you down – thus adding stress to your […]

How do you Stop Coughing without Medicine or Cough Syrup


A cough (or tussis) is either a voluntary or an involuntary action to rapidly expulse air from the lungs. It clears the throat or the breathing passage of irritants, mucus, fluids, microbes or unwanted foreign particles. Thus, if you see anyone coughing persistently – it could be an indication of a disease. Coughing is usually […]

How Cooking in Batches or Bulk can save Money and Time both?

One of the biggest benefits of home cooking is; you can start cooking in batches. It automatically prevents waste, saves both money and time. Thus making life pretty organized and anxiety-free. You don’t end up using precious office time pondering on what to eat and prepare. Neither do you fret in case you work late […]

17 Powerful Money Quotes – to Grow Rich


Money is extremely important if not everything in life. It is a way to have freedom of choice, to pursue a lifestyle of your choice, lovely things, sometimes wealth can also buy happiness. In case there is a crisis and you don’t have enough – your happiness becomes limited. Thus, let us learn how to […]