Affirmations: Forgiving Yourself to Heal Your Soul


Forgiveness is easier said than done, more so when you set out with the intention of Forgiving Yourself to Heal your Soul. A lot of us walk around with pain in the deepest recess of our heart. Moreover, we seldom realise that by nurturing and living with the wound of unforgiveness – we are doing us more harm than ever. 

The choice of living a good life of peace and good health – comes from forgiving. Each one of us makes mistakes. Even though you are imperfect – the idea is to move on from the mistakes we make.  

Every time you are hurt or angry you are harming yourself. If you adopt the right attitude – you learn to see the circumstance as a life lesson. To forgive yourself you require compassion, a kind heart and acceptance of yourself the way you are. 

Become mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Start thinking mindfully:

Why did this unwanted circumstance come to me?

Or why do I keep meeting the same kind of people again and again?

Circumstances or people are lessons our soul is learning in the passage of life. Rather than talking about them and repeating the energy around them – start looking for the beautiful message hidden in them. Therefore, the moment you look at the pain from another perspective – the entire meaning behind it changes.

Today, let us start fresh!

Let go of the anger you have for yourself. Learn to let go of the painful memories you have stored in you – that haunt you every time you think about them.

Affirmations: Forgiving Myself and Healing My Soul

Affirmations: Forgiving Myself to Heal my Soul – 1
I welcome forgiveness
I forgive myself for the choices I made knowingly or unknowingly
I am letting go of the pain I feel in my heart
I am letting out the unease due to the pain
I forgive myself for the pain 
Affirmations: Forgiving Myself to Heal my Soul – 2
I am letting go of all hurt and resentment in my heart, body and soul
I do not blame myself anymore
My strength comes from forgiveness of myself 
I am consciously making a closure to the past
I am replacing the pain with love and forgiveness for myself
I understand and accept myself
I do not live in guilt, anger, hurt or resentment anymore
Affirmations: Forgiving Myself to Heal my Soul – 3
I see myself smiling and happy NOW
I am thankful for the choices – made me learn my lessons 
I am grateful for the circumstances that made me stronger and empowered
By letting go I am creating space for something better
I am thankful for the forgiveness 
My heart is overflowing with love and abundance
Affirmations: Forgiving Myself to heal my Soul – 4
I am gentle and loving towards myself
I feel lightness and joy in my being
I take ownership of my mind, soul and body
I let go of control
I choose to surrender to whatever life has to offer to me
I am in sync with the flow of life

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Affirmations: Forgiving Myself to heal my Soul – 5
I trust how things are unfolding in my life
Everything is happening as it should be
What is best for me is happening to me all the time 
I believe in the process of life with open arms
My soul is brimming with happiness and ease 
My soul is happy and free
I feel my soul restored and healed 

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

– Lord Buddha

Write these affirmations on a plain sheet of paper and pin them on your bedside or work station. Keep affirming them and see how you will become more compassionate, happier and healthier. 

Would love to receive your comments to know if the above affirmations on ‘Forgiving Yourself to Heal Your Soul’ – really helped you! 

Looking for more affirmations on releasing anger, letting go, acceptance, good health, prosperity – stay with us. During these days when the entire world is locked in by staying at home – what better time is there to heal our mind, body and souls. 

Happy Healing my friends! 

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