Easy and Quick Ways to Clean Energy at Work and Home

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Have you ever entered a room and felt strange vibes and discomfort. Do you feel that you are low on energy? It happens to all of us. Suddenly you get a sinking feeling and feel uneasy or anxious for no evident reason.

As a spiritual teacher and follower of energy patterns and their effects; I understand the powerful impact they can have in our day to day lives. We attract into our lives exactly the kind of energies we carry within and around ourselves. As soon as you release old and adapt to new positive energies, what shows up around you also starts to change.

Before you even begin to read the Quick and easy Steps – firstly make a commitment to take ‘ACTION.’ Because – without some conscious action none of the below will be possible.

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I highly recommend to try these three easy ways you can revitalize your life at a deeper energy level:

Change your Location:

1. Light a Camphor Lamp for Positive Energy

Try the simple inexpensive way to light a camphor lamp – a device assured to reduce mental stress and depression due to its ability to purify the environment. When you light the candle under the tray which holds the camphor – it captures and burns the negative energy in the atmosphere. In case there is a lot of negative energy that gets burnt – it tends to accumulate below the camphor tray forming a bee-hive kind of structure. However, this formation happens as a rare case. Some may think that the bee-hive is formed due to not heating up the camphor enough.

The sign of camphor lamp having cleared the energies is when the odor of the evaporating camphor reduces and a strong camphor smell returns. Wash the residue with running water and try not to touch it wish bare fingers. Wipe it clean and dry before re-using it. Use natural and pure medical camphor and NOT the common camphor you get in the local market. In case you do not prefer camphor you could light Incense Oil or sticks for cleansing of environment.  

Precaution: Camphor is highly combustible and can catch fire easily. Therefore, take necessary precautions while lighting the lamp and also do not leave it unattended while it is lit.

2. Air your Home and Clean Up Energy

“Clutter Happens when things do not have a home.”

Get rid of the unwanted, sort out and clear your space! Does that sound like something your mother told you! Doing this makes a space for good things to come. De-clutter is the simplest way to answer the question – how to attract positive things in your life.

Spring clean is important, but that does not mean you don’t clean or air your home the rest of the months. Dispose off all that you have no use of. Let the energy flow in and out of your home bringing with it freshness and purity. Open the windows and doors to let bright light or sunshine to filter in and release that musty stagnant energy. Avoid playing negative television or over use of electronics because these vibrations linger on afterwards. Something as simple as adding positive energy items like a beautiful artwork or applying a fresh coat of paint can change your energy vibration.

3. Make your Travel and Work Space Attractive

We do not realize that our memories of things around us create similar energies in us. For instance the good feeling colors, sounds, light environment, smell, texture or touch are signs of happier energy and attract positive  aura towards us.

Find a home for everything, for instance a box or a basket or a tray – it will make you look forward to putting the things back in their place. This will help you practice space management. You could start with filing papers, sort out the business card collection, organizing documents in your computer, discard outdated papers and keep all paperwork updated. A simple act of changing the wallpaper on your computer, placing your sweetheart’s photo framed or keeping a beautiful succulent at your workstation can uplift your mood and energies. As a result, whenever you think about your work space you will automatically feel good and it will transfer positive energy around it.  

Buy an attractive backpack, gift yourself a pair of fancy sneakers or take greener routes – even if you have to travel few extra miles to travel. Try playing your favorite music or comedian as you travel and smile or hum along. 

Change your Environment

4. Chant or play music to clear Negative energy 

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach

Music is called therapeutic. One doesn’t need to read research articles to know that music has healing effects like relieving emotional stress, improving mental health and boosting energy.

It cleans the brain of the unwanted energies created by negative feelings and emotions. The kind of mood you are in, can be altered by different kinds of beats or melodies. Music with faster beats makes your thinking alert and sharpens your concentration. Similarly, a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate with it. Moreover, music creates a significant change in brainwave activity levels – therefore it has a lasting effect and benefits even after you have actually stopped listening to it.

Chanting positive mantras, hymns or lyrics of songs makes your brain achieve a positive state of mind. Soon the depressing thoughts and feelings vanish and uplifts the energy of your soul. No wonder, every ceremony be it religious, personal, community or official is associated with music in some form or the other.

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5. Bring naTure Indoors through Houseplants 

Houseplants are not only a source of joy to the eyes because they look beautiful, but they are also healthy and raise energy levels. We – human beings who live indoors breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide – however, plants do just the opposite. As per studies plants improve productivity and concentration at work by 15 % and also boost mood. “NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxin in 24 hours.”

Moreover, houseplants are one of the most affordable and easy manner to raise positive energy by minimal efforts. Research states that indoor gardening is “noninvasive, inexpensive, and effective complementary medicine for surgical patients.”

Houseplants are highly recommended for people healing from injuries or surgeries as the patients feel calm and heal sooner. “Rooms with houseplants contain up to 60% less airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without any greenery.” 

Houseplants, Indoor gardening, Succulents, How Houseplants energise the environment, mindfulness

6. Fill your environment with laughter and joyful energy

Our souls are naturally built to be in happy state. Therefore, the moment we are unhappy we start feeling dis-comfort or uneasy. Isn’t this a sign enough for human beings to understand that “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Laughing often and longer releases endorphins which are also your body’s feel-good chemicals. The moment you feel good your energy level rises and you become a positive person who receives more reason to laugh and enjoy life. Moreover, laughter is known to decrease the stress hormones and increases resistance to diseases by strengthening your immune system and antibodies that help fight infections.

Surround yourself with people with whom you can share happy moments, laugh often and have joyful interactions. Bring unconditional joy to other’s life by acts of love and compassion in small ways. Soon you will feel your energies lift automatically.

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Change your Mindset

7. Follow the Attitude of Gratitude

To come out of a negative mindset the simplest way to start is by maintaining a ‘Gratitude Journal.’ Start listing down 3 things you are grateful for as you begin your day. Similarly, end your day by listing down three things that happened in the day that make you feel grateful. Do this exercise for 15 days and feel how you will stop moaning and complaining and start appreciating what you have. It is a sure shot magic potion to induce positive energy. The more you are grateful – the more reasons you will receive to be grateful for. 

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we didn’t get sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us be thankful.” – Gautam Buddha

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8. Step out and Reboot your positive energy

A lot of us associate stepping out with exercise or outdoor sports. There is good news for you – because stepping out is not only for outdoor activities – just being surrounded by greenery, water, garden, flowers or nature in any form is enough to reboot ones energy level. 

It is proven that – 5 minutes of outdoors a day keeps your energy up – by uplifting your mood and self-esteem. This so called ‘Green exercise’ could be simple tasks like taking your dog for a walk, gardening, cycling, rollerblading, walking or running. 

Some suggestions for these 5 Minute Energy Boosters are: 

  1. Step out for five minutes and appreciate the greenery around your office building.
  2. Take a break by watering your plants either indoors or outdoors or just potter around.
  3. Stop your car for a five minutes break to look at the setting sun and the radiant sky as you drive back from work. 
  4. Go for a quick jog across the street and hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing in your ears.
  5. Step out under the sky on your balcony and do five minute stretching or breathing (Pranayam) Yoga exercises with long term benefits.


The most transformational changes in my life has been due to changing my mindset – by changing habits and adopting a positive attitude to life. I learnt compassion, loving unconditionally, forgiveness, trust and listening to my gut feeling, taking responsibility for my actions. More than anything else I have kept more than 100% faith in the universe and it’s energies. By altering my perspective and to feel the good energy vibes I started manifesting positive energy in my life. 


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