Short Motivational Frog Story about Success


Motivational Frog Story 

Once upon a time hundreds of years ago – there lived a frog named ‘Ludo.’ He had big round glassy eyes, was shiny green in colour and had the longest legs ever seen on a frog. He lived in a pond of a thick tropical rain forest. He decided to climb the top of a gigantic tree. The tree was very tall and huge with branches that almost reached the other side of the pond. It stood there like a majestic old man since hundreds of years on the banks of the pond where the frogs lived. There were innumerable birds, monkeys and insects who lived off the aged tree.  

He decided to share his dream to climb the tree with other frogs in the pond. No one in the history of the frogs living in the pond had ever reached the top of the tall tree. The moment he voiced his wish to his friends all the frogs they started shouting: “It’s impossible!” “It’s impossible.” “Are you mad?” said his closest friend ‘Dice’. “Idiot!” said a dainty little frog ‘Lily’. “You will die to death,” said his brother ‘Judo’.  

Ludo the frog said: “Thank You so much for your support!” 

Still the frog reached the Top of the tree that too without once looking back.

Do you know – How?


Because the Ludo was ‘deaf!’. Since he was deaf he thought everyone was encouraging him to climb the tree. Therefore,  he did not pay heed to the fears other may have passed him involuntarily or voluntarily. 

“Be deaf to negative thoughts, if your aim is to reach your gOAL” – Lord Buddha


“There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” – Proverb 12:18 from the Holy Bible

(The frog story is inspired by short stories from Lord Buddha)

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