Yoga and Diabetes – Poses to Cure and Prevent Type 1 and 2 Diabetes


Diabetes, as we know is spreading and growing at a faster rate. Everyone leading a sedentary lifestyle with no regular physical activity and overindulging in sugar and high-fat food mostly ends up with diabetes. As we know, yoga is the cure to many health-related problems. Yoga and Diabetes go hand in hand in helping you to cure and get diabetes under control.

There are numerous yoga poses for diabetes that nourishes your organs to produce enough insulin that is mostly hampered when you suffer from diabetes.

How does Yoga Help Fight Diabetes

Studies have shown that yoga and diabetes together work better than medicines. The yoga poses help to reduce blood sugar levels and keep glucose in control.  Yoga meditation also keeps stress levels in check that automatically decrease elevated blood sugar levels. Yoga Poses (Asanas), Breathing in Yoga (pranayama) and Meditation are an easy and economical way to help fight diabetes.

Why? Because not only does it aid in glycaemic control, but it also improves the overall quality of life. Diabetes causes further problems like cardiovascular diseases, but yoga helps to reduce such risks by decreasing insulin resistance syndrome. This syndrome does not allow the body to produce enough insulin thus, increasing blood sugar levels and Type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Venugopal Vijayakumar from India conducted a study and found visible changes in people with diabetes after 10 days of yoga practice. His study also proved how yoga reduced stress hormones, inflammation, and insulin resistance.

8 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Diabetes Cure and Prevention

These are Yoga Poses that specifically work to cure diabetes. When performing yoga poses for diabetes, one should keep in mind that these Yoga poses stimulate the pancreas. It is the pancreas that produces insulin and helps you to lose weight, boost your metabolism and build muscle.

Besides performing yoga poses, Pranayama is also an important part of yoga for diabetes and can be done at the end of the yoga session. These are the 7 best Yoga Poses for Diabetes.

1. Breathing or Pranayama Technique (Kapalbhati)

Besides practicing and performing the above yoga poses for diabetes, one can also practice Pranayama (breathing exercises). One of the most effective and important breathing exercises is Kapalbhati. This breathing exercise helps to not only control diabetes but can help to cure it as well. It improves the strength and function of the pancreas and regenerates its beta cells. Another benefit of Kapalbhati is that it helps to lower sugar levels almost immediately, thus preventing the risk of diabetes.

We all know that Pranayama helps to keep our mind calm and in turn, this balances the interaction between pituitary gland and pancreas. Thus, curing diabetes by reducing blood pressure and weight gain that are two possible causes of diabetes.

How to do Breathing (Pranayama) and Kapalbhati for Diabetes

2. Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) is an excellent Yoga pose for diabetes – helps to control and treat it. This yoga pose when in practice, massages the internal organs which then activate the glandular system. The Shoulder Stand pose increases blood circulation in order to get the glands to start working in their true capacity.

This yoga pose for diabetes helps to control blood sugar, metabolize glucose and improve the function of the pancreas. Practicing the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) has incredible benefits on the body. It is good for metabolism, increasing energy and regulating the thyroid glands.

Read our article on how to do the Shoulder Stand Pose step by step

3. Plow Pose (Halasana)

The Plow Pose (plough pose) is known for its name as the final pose resembles a plow, an agricultural tool used to plow the land. This yoga pose works

You can easily move into the Plow pose from the Shoulder Stand pose. This helps in rejuvenating the pancreas as you lift your lower body, enabling it to produce insulin as per body’s requirement. This pose massages the organs around the pancreas that help to secrete insulin effectively.  Those who suffer from slow-moving, inactive digestion also end up with diabetes. This yoga pose for diabetes can help with problems related to the digestive tract.

Steps and Benefits of Plow Pose in Yoga


4. Bow Pose in Yoga (Dhanurasana)

The Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) might seem a little difficult to perform because of its stance but is super beneficial for activating the glands of the endocrinal system.

While doing this pose, the pancreas gets fully energized and restores back to its health. This is particularly important for people with type 2 diabetes. This yoga pose also gives a deep stretch to the upper body stimulating the secretions of the pancreas and adrenal glands. This increases the insulin in the blood and reduces the blood sugar levels. The Bow Pose also help with toning the digestive and reproductive organs.

This yoga pose for diabetes also benefits thyroid and stomach ailments and helps with weight loss.

5. Cobra Pose in Yoga (Bhujangasana)

Cobra Pose also known as Bhujangasana because of its resemblance to the shape of a hooded cobra. This yoga pose is extremely beneficial for curing diabetes. It stretches the abdominal organs, liver, and kidney. Since a diabetic person is always at the risk of developing kidney-related issues, the Cobra pose will help it to remain healthy. This yoga pose for diabetes rejuvenates the pancreatic cells when you contract your abdominal muscles. Thus, releasing enough insulin in the blood and helping to control the blood sugar levels.

The Cobra pose tones the reproductive system, stimulates the internal organs and stretches the spine. It also improves blood circulation and relieves constipation.

How to practice the Cobra Pose in Yoga

6. Seated Forward Bend Pose (Pashcimottanasana)

The Seated Forward Bend Pose, also known as Pashcimottanasana has your body folded in half giving it a nice stretch from the toes to the top of your head. This pose keeps the spine elastic, the joints mobile, the organs healthy and the nervous system invigorated. Bending forward gives a good massage to all the organs around the pelvic and abdominal region. This benefits the pancreas, kidney, spleen and adrenal glands.

Thus, this yoga pose for diabetes helps with the regulation of blood sugar levels, through regulating the pancreas function. It also works as a therapy for diabetic patients and patients with weak liver and kidney.

Seated Forward bend Pose in Easy Steps Explained

7. Seated Half Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Seated Half Spinal Twist Pose or also known as Half Lord of the Fish Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana) gets its name after the yogi Matsyendranath. The name is taken from the Sanskrit words ‘ardha’, which means half and ‘matsya’ means fish.

This yoga pose is beneficial for those suffering from inactive digestion problems. It helps to stimulate digestion and squeeze out toxins. This twisted pose cures those suffering from diabetes. It massages the kidneys, liver, pancreas, small intestines, gall bladder, and liver.

Since it focuses on the pancreas, this helps diabetic patients with the production of insulin in the body. Hence, controlling elevated glucose levels in the blood and subsiding the risk of high diabetes. When the upper torso contracts and twists, it squeezes the intestines and spine at the same time. Thus, leading to secretion of insulin and prevents stagnation of colonic contents.

This yoga pose for diabetes deeply benefits those with a compressed spine as it increases the elasticity of the spine and tones the spinal nerves.

8. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskar or also known as the Sun Salutation is considered a complete body workout. There is a reason why it is called the King of all yoga poses. Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 yoga poses put together. It is one of the most beneficial yoga poses for diabetes.

Sun Salutation reduces the blood sugar levels as it improves the blood circulation of the pancreas and enhances the utilization of insulin in the body. Doing Surya Namaskar for 15 minutes every morning at a slow pace or 6 rounds a minute to increase your metabolism rate effectively.

How to do Surya Namaskar step by step with Stills and Video

Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss, how to do Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss, Sun Salutation for weight loss

Bottom Line

Diabetes can be dangerous for your health as it affects every organ in the body leading to heart failure, weight gain, cardiovascular disease and many more.

Yoga and Diabetes together prove that yoga can cure and prevent diabetes if practiced regularly.  All you need to do is follow a healthy diet, avoid high-fat foods, sleep for 7-8 hours every night and keep yourself active. Diabetes is completely curable and if diagnosed at an early stage, it can be cured at a faster pace.

However, Type 1 diabetes is much harder to control than Type 2 diabetes. But regular yoga will improve blood glucose regulation in the blood. This will help in reducing daily insulin dosages and decreases the risk of other complications that occur with diabetes. Slow-paced yoga is the best form of yoga for type 1 diabetic patients. Whereas Type 2 diabetic patients can practice all kinds of yoga but need to be careful of a few yoga poses such as the Head Stand Pose.

Give your body the love and respect it deserves and stay fit and healthy. Also, go easy on the sweets. 

Take care!

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