What are 7 Chakras and how to balance unblock chakras

7 Chakras Name Colour position

What are the 7 Chakras?

Your bodies comprise  7 Chakras or wheels located at different centres in the body. To keep alive, active and in good health – the free flow of life energy or Prana through all the 7 Chakras is essential.

Moreover, the Chakras are responsible for keeping your body connected with the help of Nadis (read below to understand what are Nadis) or energy pathways. Blockage of Chakras results in disease.

So if you are feeling unwell, low on energy or – if an area of your life is not moving forward – it could be because of chakra blockage.

Thus, in simple words I often use to explain to my students lets take an example of a Home. Electricity travels in homes through a network of cables, these are connected to junction boxes. Most importantly, it is the junction boxes that distribute the electricity to different rooms.

In our energy body, the Nadis carry life energy or Prana through the body. The Chakras distribute it to the organs.

I will describe the 7 Chakra system in detail including How to know when your chakra is blocked, but first, let me tell you the history of the 7 Chakras

Chakras and Nadi Diagram in Vedas

History of the  7 Chakras

If you have been to a yoga class you must have heard of the word Chakra being used.  The word Chakra finds its origin in Sanskrit meaning ‘disk’ or ‘wheel’. The first mention of it is made in the ancient  Indian sacred texts the Vedas which date back to 1500 to 1000 BC.

The Vedas (ancient Hindu texts) clarify the energy of the wheels in detail. When their energies are aligned and are opened – you experience physical and mental wellbeing.

The Vedas have mention of 114 different chakras. In fact, 108  of them are in our body and the other six outside. 7 Chakras of the 108 are the main Chakras.

These 7 Chakras are placed along your spine. They begin at the bottom of the spine in the area of the tail bone. From there they rise all the way up to the crown of your head.

7 Chakras – Names and their Sanskrit Names

 Root Chakra: Sanskrit Name: Muladhara Chakra, Chakra Color: Red

Sacral Chakra, Sanskrit Name: Swadhisthana Chakra, Chakra Color: Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra, Sanskrit Name: Manipura Chakra, Chakra Color: Yellow 

Heart Chakra, Sanskrit Name: Anahata Chakra, Chakra Color: Green

Throat Chakra, Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha Chakra, Chakra Color: Sky Blue 

Third Eye chakra, Sanskrit Name: Ajna Chakra, Chakra Color: Deep Blue / Indigo

Crown Chakra, Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara Chakra, Chakra Color: Violet 

the connection between the Chakras, Nadis and prana

chakras nadis and flow of prana in body
chakras nadis and flow of prana in the body

For this concept of 7 Chakras to be clear, I will first explain the main terms so that you have a better understanding of the chakras, how to know when your chakra is blocked and their role in our mind-body health


Prana is the life energy that vitalizes all living things. To simplify this further for you and me – Prana is our breath. As long as we are breathing we have life.

Yoga Guru Paramhansa Yogananda called prana “life-force.” He further explained that life-force possesses an inherent intelligence enabling it to carry out the life-sustaining processes.

Prana flows in our body through a network of Nadis and is distributed to our body organs through the Chakras. In fact, it is this life energy that helps run our bodies intelligently and smoothly.


The Sanskrit word nadi derives from the root nad, which means “flow.” According to many Vedic texts, the human body contains 72,000 Nadis that channel prana throughout our bodies. Actually, they criss-cross the Chakras and it is through the chakras that Prana is directed to the different organs.

7 Chakras 

The 7 Chakras control the flow of Prana from the Nadi’s to our organs and cells throughout the body.

As Prana flows freely through the Nadi’s and chakras you will feel a sense of balance and calm. In your body, the chakras are placed along the spinal cord in line with your Crown or Sahasrara Chakra. If a Chakra is blocked it moves away from this line.

However, if you feel low on energy are stressed and nervous it means that your Nadi’s and Chakras are blocked and not balanced and in alignment.

What is Kundalini Yoga and its Benefits

In this article, I will introduce you to the seven main chakras their location representative colour and each chakras characteristics.   It’s also important to know when any one of them is not aligned and how to heal  and realign a Chakra

1. root chakra or Muladhara chakra

Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra wellnessworks
What is Root Chakra Color: Red
Where is Root Chakra Location: Base of the Spine in  the region of the Perineum

Objective:  Balance and foundation of your life. Job security food, shelter, safety, comfort, and belonging are elements of the root chakra thought process.

A. How do you know when your Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra is blocked?

You feel slow and sluggish and stuck in the present moment when your root chakra is blocked. Sometimes you may feel excessive negativism, even feeling you are not good enough. Another emotion that is very strong when your Muladhara or rooting is blocked is the feeling that you have been abandoned by your family and lonely.

B. How to balance and align  your Root Chakra Muladhara Chakra 

The best way is to sit on the ground or grass or go for a long walk barefooted. This reestablishes your connection with your roots in the earth

C. How to balance your Root Chakra Muladhara Chakra with Reiki  

Visualise a bright red light that flows directly from the divine up above in the heavens through you crown Chakra right down to your root chakra filling the region with a bright red light. As a result, there will be a growing feeling within you that you are connected to the earth and balanced and grounded. There is a growing feeling of security and comfort within you.

D. Root Chakra Affirmation

“I am safe. I am safe on Earth. There is abundance all around me  and I am completely abundant  in all things along my life path.”

2. sacral chakra or swadhisthana chakra


What is Sacral Chakra Color: Orange
Where is Sacral Chakra Position:  The Swadhisthana Chakra is located just below the belly button

Objective: It is your centre of good life and creativity.  Your  Sexuality, the nature of your relationships, pleasure and  sensations are all controlled by  this chakra

A. How do you know when your Sacral Chakra is blocked?

You know that your Sacral Chakra is blocked when you are not able to be emotionally and sexually intimate. You may also have feelings of being abused, hurt and distrust in others. Your Swadhisthana Chakra is blocked when you feel that you don’t deserve the pleasures and luxuries of life.

B. How to balance and align Swadhisthana Chakra or Sacral Chakra

The best way to balance and align your Sacral Chakra is to focus your energies on a new creative project.   Go get yourself a massage or eat a really good meal is a good way to pamper yourself and balance your Swadhisthana Chakra or Sacral Chakra.

Alternately playing your favourite music, reading a good book watching a good movie, anything that papers your senses is a good way of healing the swadhisthana chakra.

C. Reiki Method to balance your Sacral  Chakra

Visualise a bright orange light that flows directly from the divine up above in the heavens through you crown Chakra right down to your sacral chakra filling the region with a bright orange light. Support this with a feeling that you are supremely creative in every way and that you deserve and are leading a good, fulfilled life full of all the luxuries you desire.

D. Affirmation to balance your Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana Chakra

“I am creative in all areas of my life. I am sensual sexual and live a life of luxury.”

3. solar plexus chakra or Manipura chakra

Read till the end to watch a 7 chakra healing meditation video

3 solar plexus chakra manipura chakra wellness works
3 solar plexus chakra Manipura chakra wellness works
What is Solar Plexus Chakra Color: Yellow
Where is Solar Plexus Chakra Position:  Feel your breast bone than 3 to 4 fingers below that is your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Objective: The Solar Plexus Chakra is the centre of the action. When you feel courageous or fearful both emotions have their origin in this region.  This explains the know in your stomach when you are fearful.

A. How do you know when your Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked?

If you have difficulty taking action and following your dream your Manipura Chakra is not aligned and is certainly blocked. When you feel powerless or victimized or you are giving your power away to others to keep peace in a relationship for instance you certainly have a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra.

B. How to Balance and Align the Solar Plexus  Chakra  or Manipura Chakra

The best way to balance and align your Solar Plexus Chakra is to begin work on a long-cherished dream or complete an unfinished piece of work or a project.  Focus on all the positive in you and take on any fear you may have of the future head-on. Trust your intuition and inner guidance and build on your confidence and courage to do anything you wish.

C. How to balance your  Solar Plexus Chakra with Reiki

Visualise a bright yellow light that flows directly from the divine up above in the heavens through you Crown Chakra right down to your Solar Plexus Chakra filling the region with a bright yellow light. Along with that build on a feeling of courage flowing through your body along with that a belief that any fear what so ever that you may be feeling is banished.

D. Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura Chakra  Affirmation

“I am filled with courage, free of fear and trust my intuition to follow it wherever it leads me.”

4. Heart chakra OR Anahata chakra

4 heart chakra anahata chakra wellness works
4 heart chakra Anahata chakra wellness works

What is Heart Chakra Color: Green

Related Heart Chakra Element: Air

Where is Heart Chakra Position: Center of chest

Objective: The Heart or Anahata Chakra is the centre of Love and compassion and above all forgiveness.  For you, it begins with self-love and self-acceptance.

A. How do you know when your Heart Chakra is blocked?

I have seen that the biggest blockage in the Heart Chakra is the lack of self-love. We are just not able to love and accept ourselves unconditionally.  This extends to a fear of commitment and feeling like you must please others to be loved in return.

Bitterness anger and grudges are all signs of blockage in the Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra.

B. How to balance and align your Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra

The best way to remove blockages in the Anahata  Chakra is to  Love and accept yourself unconditionally. When you feel a sense of gratitude for the wonder of your life you heal and align your Heart Chakra. Another way is to give and receive love easily opening your heart to others with sensitivity and compassion and non-judgement.  

C. How  to balance your Heart Chakra with Reiki

Visualise a bright green light that flows directly from the divine up above in the heavens through you crown Chakra right down to your heart Chakra filling the region with a bright green light. As a consequence, you are filled with the feeling of love and it is overflowing out of your heart to the world outside.

It also flows from you to your family friends colleagues and all you come in contact with. Actually, this visualisation of a bright green light flowing down from the divine into your body is a very powerful one.

D. Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra Affirmation

“I am a being of positive unconditional love. I love myself.  This love is not for me alone an I share this love with all around me.”

 Recently I  shot a detailed video on  the 7 Chakras and all the details to them along with a brief 7 Chakra balancing  meditation 

Click here to watch my video explaining all about the Seven Chakras


5. Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra

5 throat chakra vishuddha chakra wellness works
Throat chakra or vishuddha chakra wellness works

What is Throat Chakra Color:  Sky or light Blue

Related Throat Chakra Element: Sound

Where is Throat Chakra Position:  In the Hollow of w the throat

Throat Chakra Objective:

Your throat is your communication centre. Recognizing who you are communicating and being aware of your body and speaking your truth comes from the Vishuddha Chakra or Throat  Chakra. It is the centre of listening and being heard.

A. How do you know when your Throat Chakra is blocked?

When you are unable to speak the truth and say what you truly believe or how you feel it is a sure sign that your Throat Chakra is blocked.  Sometimes in a crowd, you go along with others because you don’t what upset anyone is another sign of a  blocked Vishuddha Chakra.

At other times you are  frustrated because you feel that other people don’t  hear what you have to say leads to a blockage in the Throat Chakra

B. How to balance and align the Throat  Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra

The best way to remove blockages in the Vishuddha Chakra is to begin to express yourself openly and honestly.  Become aware and comfortable with speaking your truth and express it whenever necessary.  Listen to your inner voice and get in touch yourself.  Your inner voice is a compass to communicating with yourself firstly and the outer world thereafter.

C. How to balance your Vishuddha Chakra with Reiki

Visualise a bright blue light that flows directly from the divine up above in the heavens through you crown Chakra right down to your throat Chakra filling the region with a bright blue light. It is important here to visualise that you are able to communicate with yourself without fear and also your communication with the world outside is pure and fearless.

If for instance you are not able to to tell a family member something of importance  or you are not able to communicate with your boss visualise that that matter has been resolved in your best interest

D. Throat Chakra Affirmation

“I speak my truth freely and without fear, being honest with myself and others.”

6. Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

6 third eye chakra ajna chakra wellness works
Third Eye Chakra Ajna chakra wellness work

What is Third Eye Chakra Color:  Deep Midnight Blue

Related Third Eye Chakra Element: Light

Where is Third Eye Chakra Position: Between the eyebrows

Third Eye Chakra Objective: The Third Eye Chakra is the seat of intuition as well as your sense of purpose in life.  When this chakra is aligned and open we may develop psychic abilities as well.

A. How do you know when your Third Eye Chakra is blocked?

When there is no clarity on your life path and there is a strong feeling of being lost when it comes to your spiritual purpose your Third Eye Chakra is blocked,

When you ask  “Why am I here?” you are suffering from a  blocked Third Eye Chakra. It is seen that when you have difficulty making decisions on your life and your loved ones your Third eye is not aligned.

B. How to balance and align the  Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

The best way to remove blockages in the Ajana Chakra is to perform yogic breathing or Pranayama.  Yet another way to balance the Ajna Chakra is to meditate. Focus your awareness on your third eye area,  and breathe deeply calming your thoughts. Listen to your own inner truth and follow it as it guides you. You can also meditate to a chant or sound or reflect on a spiritual text.

C.How to balance your Third Eye or Ajana Chakra with Reiki 

Visualize a  deep brilliant blue light that flows directly from the divine up above in the heavens through you crown Chakra right down to your Third Eye Chakra filling the region with a  deep blue light.  You will notice slowly a sense of peace and clam will descend on you. You may also feel a tingling sensation in your eyebrows as you Ajana Chakra is open and balanced.

D. Third Eye Chakra Affirmation:

“I am connected with the divine. I trust my inner wisdom and have total clarity about my life path.”

7. Crown Chakra or Sahasrara chakra

7 crown chakra sahasrara chakra wellness works
Crown Chakra Sahasrara chakra wellness works

What is Crown Chakra Color: Violet

Related Crown Chakra Element: Thought

Where is Crown Chakra Location: Top of the head It is the soft spot right in the centre of your head. it is very noticeable when we are babies

Crown Chakra Objective: The crown Chakra is like your antenna, the connection between you and the divine. In reality, your sense of spirituality and belief system in the divine comes from here.

To know more about 7 Chakras click here 

A. How do you know when your Crown Chakra is blocked?  

When your Ajana Chakra is blocked there is a tremendous sense of loneliness that comes over you. You feel lost and not connected to anything worldly.  A feeling unworthiness to is characteristic of this blockage

B. How to balance and align the Crown Sasarara Chakra

The best way to balance your Crown Chakra is to live a simple uncluttered life of balance.  Further, I feel it is a good idea for you to develop a  daily meditative practice and if you are so inclined to include Yoga as a daily practice

C. Crown Chakra Affirmation

“I am blessed calm and connected with the divine. I clearly see my highest path and purpose today.”



You really do have to look after the 7 Chakras for a healthy mind and body. Moreover, I have developed many practices around the balancing of the Chakras to help me look after my body. Top among them, is to breathe right and meditate at least once a day.

I strongly suggest that you take a few moments to breathe deeply through the day. Also, deep mindfully breathing is one of the easiest ways to maintain the balance of the 7 chakras.

I uploaded a couple of videos that are different guided meditations for the 7 Chakras. I’m attaching the links below

My experience has taught me that another super good idea is for you to practice gratitude daily. An attitude of Gratitude lifts your vibrational frequency and  has a positive influence on all of the 7 chakras

Also, read and watch

 How Your Intuition  and Gut feelings work

After writing this article on What are 7 Chakras  I decided to shoot and upload a video on  a full chakra balancing meditation . If you are looking for a guided ?step By Step Guided Chakra Meditation ? Powerful Chakra Affirmations Top Video click the link and watch

And Please leave me a comment here or on youtube after watching and doing the meditation on your experience





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