How to Heal Your Back Ache and Knee Pain

As part of my ‘heal yourself’ series in the Mind Body Connect area today I’m going to talk to you about knee pain and back pain and it’s healing.
For centuries now traditional Indian and Chinese medicine has described the connectedness of everything especially the mind-body sync.  As we travel the 21st-century western medicine is catching on, scientist Bruce Lipton, for instance, has put forth a body of work that establishes that physical symptoms are merely tangible evidence of what is going on in our unconscious mind and how we REALLY feel deep inside.
 The connectedness is very simple, lets for a moment look at a pain in the knee. The physical organ is the knee. What is the function of the knee it bends? When and why do we bend? In humility when we are receiving something. So if there is a pain in the knee the thought is related to the ego. It is a, ‘I will not bend’ to receive something’. Many people who are growing old have admitted on me showing them the connect that the pain in the knee is because they do not want to take anything from their children, do not want to be a burden, beholden to their children. The healing comes when they accept the feeling and emotion and as the children are their offspring. They receive humbly whatever help is being offered them   The connect is there for all to see.
Taking this series forward if you have an ailment you cannot quite understand and need help with the same I would consider it my karmic duty to walk you through the thoughts behind the ailment. My numbers are both here and on my website  Also you could join one of my mind-body healing sessions and we could partner with you in a series of personal a mind-body you   healing session. God bless Love n Light always


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