How to make Remedies on Money Mistakes by Mindfulness


Financial Mindfulness As we grow up – we make mistakes. Each mistake is a life lesson. Mistakes could be related to money, relationships, health, emotions to name a few. Every mistake teaches us that there’s a pattern and will keep happening if the pattern is repeated. Once the lesson is learnt it doesn’t repeat. 1. […]

How To Earn Money Fast empower your thoughts

Not too long ago money and I used to be enemies, but over time I have transformed the hate into love … how do you earn money..simple make friends with it fall in love with money. May money mantra … It’s hard to build wealth when, deep down inside, you view money with a sense […]

How Love overcomes Fear

Here are only 2 big human emotions that guide our EVERY ACTION. Love and fear. We approach every situation out of either love or fear. If we love the situation or the person we will go ahead with our action. If it is fear of either we will hold back….ourselves our energies This video is […]

How to Succeed In Life

Success is a way of life. It’s a belief in one’s self a trust in others and the will and focus on setting goals small ones and big and succeed.It happens one day at a time and each goal achieved is sweet, it can be applied to every sphere of our lives career home relationships. […]

How to Communicate Effectively

We communicate every day but fear prevents many of us from speaking. Life college or career you are going to have to make a presentation, have a “tough” conversation or propose to someone you love.For many the very thought of  speaking can cause nausea and uncontrolled shaking, but it doesn’t have to be that way […]

How to Heal Your Back Ache and Knee Pain


As part of my ‘heal yourself’ series in the Mind Body Connect area today I’m going to talk to you about knee pain and back pain and it’s healing. For centuries now traditional Indian and Chinese medicine has described the connectedness of everything especially the mind-body sync.  As we travel the 21st-century western medicine is […]

Asthma Cause and Effect


There is a cause and effect to an Asthmatic attack. Science believes that asthma leads to low self-esteem which in turn leads to low self-love. I think it’s in the reverse a feeling of being deprived of the love of not getting love leads to a constriction of the receptacle of life force  ‘prana ‘ […]

Heart Attack | Causes | And The Love Connection


Modern medicine suggests that  heart disease is caused by a diet loaded up with processed food,  and complex carbohydrates, the  ‘bad’ cholesterol. This causes plaque to build up in the arteries commonly called ‘Hardening of the Arteries.’  Ancient mind-body medicine looks at it on another plane, the  ‘Hardening of our hearts.  In simple language it’s […]

How To Cure A Common Cold

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HOW TO CURE A COMMON COLD Ever wondered how to cure a common cold? Ever wondered why only some of us ‘catch’ a cold,  nasopharyngitis as its called….while others don’t? It’s because at that moment we are irritated with something in our lives. And this is true for all lifestyle diseases …If we are at […]

Meditation Benefits 5 Medically Proven Gains

The benefits of meditation are many for those of us who practice it but for the doubting Thomases among us, evidence becomes the cornerstone of our decision on whether to meditate or not. With this is mind I went to town to collect evidence medical evidence to support my cause, that of finding five very […]