How to make Remedies on Money Mistakes by Mindfulness


Financial Mindfulness

As we grow up – we make mistakes. Each mistake is a life lesson. Mistakes could be related to money, relationships, health, emotions to name a few. Every mistake teaches us that there’s a pattern and will keep happening if the pattern is repeated. Once the lesson is learnt it doesn’t repeat.

1. There will always be mistakes all your life.
2. Those mistakes will come to you as a pattern. The idea is to learn from them. Because behind the mistakes that we make is hidden a life lesson.

For Example:

If you are short on money or finances and feel that you are unable to live the life within the earnings you have – sit back and think. Are money mistakes life learning for you? There could be lots of things happening all around you and it puts you under pressure. Thus you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes the pressure of the lack of money is so much that you feel tense.

Remedy on Money Mistakes – Be Mindful

This is the time when you say to yourself – why am I in this position of money issues. What are my life lessons around money? Have I repeated mistakes on money in the past? Are they coming to due to some money beliefs that I may have acquired by my parents, siblings, circumstances or peers along the way?

The money lesson is to be – mindful of the pattern. To watch carefully so that you see the signs if at all they get repeated. Sometimes you get so overwhelmed by the money mistakes that you forget to pay attention. Pay attention, Become Aware – to become Money Mindful.

If you are aware of what is happening to you moneywise. You will be able to read through the story. Understand the mistake you make around money. Figure out where you went wrong. Also, go ahead and repair it. Once you have repaired it, good times around money will come back. It’s not only about cloudy and rainy days – there is sunshine in all of our lives. We just have to look a little beyond. Prepare our lives, move on, there will be sunshine.

Love and Light to you! 

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