Swachh Bharat begins at home

cleaning-up-swachh-bharat abhiyan

cleaning-up-swachh-bharat abhiyan
cleaning-up-swachh-bharat abhiyan

Swachh bharat abhiyan must begin in each of our homes

A Prime Minister broom in hand makes for a great picture op, and in this India’s PM Narendra Modi is not alone he is joined in his latest Swachh bharat campaign by a multitude of stars from Bollywood the cricket world and beyond.  The lowly ‘Jhadoo’ has become the symbol of a nationwide effort to clean things up.

While all of this is fine questions that we should be asking ourselves as individuals and collectively, why was our country dirty in the first place, do we really care, is it important for us to keep our surroundings clean and why is it important to stay clean not just for a campaign.

Take Ownership

Own up, it is your home, your colony, your city and then your country. We just don’t take ownership, that is why in spite of numerous video’s of, people in cars throwing litter on the road as they whiz by it’s still the done thing. We have to believe that India is our home, the minute we believe that, we will treat it like home and clean up as we go and not litter.

I request parents to please teach your children this basic discipline of keeping the home clean neat and tidy. Make it the responsibility of everyone  I repeat every member of the family to do their part and take responsibility for the place they live in , very important. Feel the pride of a clean home, locality, city, country our Swachh Bharat.

Clean is Healthy

First and foremost, clean is healthy and happy. When my daughter was small, I was paranoid about the house being clean. A clean home is something that is important with children. Dust is a real problem, so floors should be swept daily, and rugs should be vacuumed. It is extremely important to keep your home clean because germs in dust and dirt multiply quickly and cause illness.

The same rule applies to a nation like ours, a clean healthy nation is a happy nation is a productive nation a Swachh bharat. If we keep our surroundings clean I am sure half the flu’s and malaria’s of the world that plague us will be banished forever.

It just looks better.

Starched white sheets on a bed, clothes stacked colour wise in a closet and a sweet scented clean bathroom are all pleasing to the senses. Clothes scattered on the floor, dishes piled in the sink and an overflowing fridge are sights that can be embarrassing in case friends drop in. Not only that dirty dishes piled up in a sink are a sure sign that I do not want to eat in that home.

When your home is neat and tidy it is a pleasure to invite friends over, the same with our country, if it is clean and neat and well cared for we will be proud to invite tourists and business folks over and they will, in turn, will be happy to be here and transact business for everyone likes a Swachh bharat.

Getting around is easier and comfortable

When my home is clean and everything is in place it’s easier to find anything and to get around town. In the reverse when it is a mess I spend a major part of a productive day looking for the car keys  I misplaced. Also when I set about putting things back in their place immediately after use it the act becomes a discipline and that in turn means being more productive.

I feel that applies to our country as we. An organised well laid out city with everything in its place will be easier to navigate and also easier to get work done. Also, like my home when it is clean so with my city and country, we will just love to stay home. Does that mean less brain drain? I have a hunch it does.

It saves money

When my home is organised and well laid out. I know exactly what I have and what is needed. The result is organised buying, I do not over buy when I visit the supermarket cluttering up my home with things I really don’t need. Organisation leads to clarity of mind leads to saving money. The same applies to our towns and cities. The front of my home was dug up to lay an electric cable a month ago.

The driller machine punctured the water pipeline which then had to be repaired before the rest of the electric cable was laid. Barely had that crew left and the earth settled in, that another crew appeared, this time to lay a new Dsl cable, a waste of much money and time. Why do we do this ever, only because our ‘house’ is not in order and everything is piecemeal

Can we make the change

Indians in Hong Kong do it, Indians in Canada do it, Indians in Los Angeles do it, keep their cities clean. Yes we can, put our house in order it will be good for all of us  and our homes and cities and states and finally  and most important our country.  It is our duty to turn it into a Swachh bharat


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