10 Money Affirmations to become a Money Magnet


The most obvious reason why money affirmations are practised is to become a Money Magnet. Practising money affirmations is the most effective process to succeed in life.

You want to “Make More Money” or are looking for answers to “How to become RICH.”


You are at the right place at the right time!

How do I become rich?

What do the rich do differently?

How do I create an abundance of wealth in my life?

Are some of the most commonly asked questions across every generation and country.

Poor Man’s Money Beliefs

People often grow up believing strange money affirmations acquired by elders in the family or society. They think that burning the midnight lamp or slogging for years is the only way to make money. Some even think that the rich are very lucky therefore they are successful. 

The focus of your energy on the ‘lack of money’ or what you ‘don’t have’ is where the downfall begins.

How many of you think?

“I want lots of money to pay my bills because I don’t earn enough.”


“I need to increase my savings because my current saving is insufficient or insignificant to buy my dream home.”

If making ends meet is what you spend all your daily time in – trust me, that’s what you will end up doing all your life. A situation you certainly won’t get out of, until you change the focus from LACK and turn it into POSITIVE feeling thoughts. And, you can do this by altering the chatter inside and forming the money affirmations working for you. 

Before we take you the 10 money affirmations that have the potential of turning you into a MONEY MAGNET, let us first see if you still have some thoughts or beliefs common to people who think mediocre.

  1. Money is evil and rich people are bad.
  2. There isn’t enough money to pay my bills.
  3. Own a house! I barely make ends meet and do not have enough savings.
  4. Why don’t I ever get paid enough money for the work I do.
  5. Only noble and good people are poor and less paid.
  6. My parents did not teach me enough and are the reason why I don’t have money.
  7. The fact is, very few people can be rich only if they are lucky.
  8. Money can’t buy happiness. It will make me unhappy the moment I become Rich.
  9. My only way to become wealthy i – if I was born rich or marry a rich spouse.
  10. Guilt overwhelms me at the idea of becoming rich as there are so many poor people in the world.
  11. Do you think I am worthy enough to become successful and rich?
  12. My Source of income is too limited. 
  13. The biggest shortcoming is my poor money management.
  14. Always – I end up spending more than I can earn.

10 Most Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

Why do you think you are not making enough money in your life?

Remember, you only have as much money as you think you DESERVE!


Money brings freedom of choice, comfort and ease.

In fact, financial guru and show host Suze Orman believes that fear, shame and anger are the most common emotions surrounding money.

The reality of our today along with sociological training where our Mom, Pop or friends told us money was evil and rich people bad, made it very hard to shift our belief. It’s sometimes hard to believe that powerful money affirmations have the ability to change us into a money magnet.

Change negative money affirmations and replace them with positive ones.


The following is a time-tested process and has worked on thousands who I have helped succeed as a Money Motivator.

Before you create a belief system for positive money affirmations you first have to examine your negative beliefs about money and identify them. Changing them is no easy task because – if not – when you attempt to introduce the money affirmations into your daily process the negative thoughts on money will swap you. Thus, you will not have a simple complete clear belief in the positive money affirmation.

This will not happen overnight so begin by making a list of all your negative thoughts on money.  I’m going to work with you on a couple so that you can get the hang of it and then apply the same principle to all your negative beliefs.

Take for instance the oft-heard of the feeling of lack that leads to the thought; “I don’t have the money to pay my bills”. You can literally see the bills piling up in the email and the credit card agent at the door asking for his money.

Now take those thoughts and replace it with these:

“The opportunity to make more money at work or otherwise has come my way.”
“I have more than enough money to pay all my bills.”



“I am happy to pay for each and every creditor.”


“It makes me feel at ease when all my bills are paid before time.”


Imagine or picture the smile on your face and on theirs as well while you are doing this. Be careful of how you ‘feel’ whenever you have ‘Money Thoughts’!

Here is the Emotional Guidance Scale followed worldwide by famous Spiritual Guru and Guide Abraham-Hicks from her book “Ask and It is Given”:

How to Become a Money Magnet:

Making money affirmations that turn you into a money magnet is not just about mouthing words you don’t believe. The key to success is only when you fully and wholeheartedly believe in the affirmations.

I believe using money affirmations is a process of changing ‘feelings of lack’ into ‘feelings of abundance’.

Another very commonly heard negative thought on money is:

“I will never own  a house or buy my dream car, I barely make ends meet and do not have  any savings.”

Now, whenever this thought comes to your mind, picture your empty bank account on the 30th of the month and just enough money in your wallet to make it through the day.

Change the thought!

Process of Visualization

By the simple process of visualising and affirming that within this month you have been given the opportunity to make more money at work or business. As a result, come 30th of the next month you have a balance left in your account.

Keep that money away in a ‘House Ownership Fund’.

Feel content and enthusiastic for this additional fund. Go a step further to affirm with a positive money affirmation:

“The money in my ‘House Ownership Fund’ is growing every day.”
“I am happily adding to funds.”
“It’s growing fast enough to make me buy my dream home.”

In this way – what you are actually doing is examining the negative feeling of money and the reason for that feeling. Trying to find where are the feeling and the thought rooted?

Then take the thought and replace it with a powerful money affirmation.

Do this as often as you can.

10 Money Affirmations to become a Money Magnet

AFFIRMATIONS that are life-changing and work for me all the time:

Have written the negative thoughts and their positive money affirmations. These affirmations are time-tested and have worked wonders for thousands of people who have come to me for healing over the years.

1. Being rich is a sin and the rich are bad people.

First Affirmation:
         I have the money and means to make me happy.
        Abundance comes to me easily! I have the abundance to spread abundance in lives that I touch.
         I am a Money Magnet.

2. God wants me to struggle. He does not want me to save money.

Second Affirmation:
There are various ways to succeed and earn money. I pay all my bills and I am able to help others.

3. I can either have money or free time to spend with my family, I can’t have both worlds     

Third Affirmation:
I earn money from many sources that bring many comforts to me and my family. I’m able to spend quality time with my family and we are building rock-solid relationships.

4. I will always have just enough. I don’t deserve to have a lot of money.

Fourth Affirmation:
Money flows to me easily, I love Money. My relationship with money is wonderful and similar to those I love. It brings me great joy to watch the money grow and bring comfort and ease with it.

5. I work very hard but I don’t know how to make money.     

Fifth Affirmation:
Appreciation and attention are what I get easily at my work by my superiors and associates and they have rewarded me with money beyond my imagination. Really – I enjoy my work and success.

6. If I am successful, people will be jealous of me and will hate me.     

Sixth Affirmation:
It is True! Those around me are extremely proud of my success and so am I.Others encourage me to do better and gain more success.

7. I will earn less than my due to avoid complications money brings with it.     

Seventh Affirmation:
The money I earn comes to me from multiple sources. All the money I make comes from doing what I’m passionate about. I work as much as I desire and making all the money I desire.

8. If I make good money and get rich I will be snatching it away from someone else.     

Eighth Affirmation:
I will make all the money I desire in my own right ethically using my own talents. I will always be fair in my practices and never take unfair advantage of anyone else at work.

9. When I have money it slips through my hands and I spend all of it.     

Ninth Affirmation:
I trust that money comes to me at the perfect time and in the perfect way. I have more than whatever I spend.

10. What if my business fails, what if I lose my job, what if I cannot sustain myself, what if I’m out on the road.     

Tenth Affirmation:
My business is doing well and I’m making enough money to save for later. I have retired rich and live a good life of luxury in my old age. I’m comfortable and surrounded by a loving caring family and friends.

How do I practise positive Money Affirmations?

Repeat your set of positive money affirmations at least thrice a day.  Each time you do this – take care to notice the way you feel about the affirmation (You can check on the Emotional Guidance Scale above)

For instance, if you are not totally comfortable with the affirmation. Identify what aspect you are not comfortable with and add a positive money affirmation to it in your own words. That way you will believe your thoughts. Your affirmations will then be empowered to become a Money Magnet.

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