Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss – Does Sun Salutation Reduce Belly Fat?


How to do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) for Weight Loss – Is the big question this International Yoga Day on 21st June. 

Summer is here and most of us are aiming for that fit body to show off. However, we are all struggling to lose that stubborn fat that refuses to go. Losing weight is always a tedious and tiring on-going process.  Thus, many of you struggle with weight loss due to various health issues such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, fluid retention, stress and anxiety, hormonal imbalance and so on.  

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How does Surya Namaskar help in Weight Loss

Having trouble with weight loss?  Are you always stressing about your weight? 
Already tried every fad diet in the market! Have gym workouts not given you the desired results?  
Well, have you thought of practising Surya Namaskar to lose weight through YOGA!

What is Surya Namaskar for weight loss all about?  

Yoga is all about asanas and the right breathing technique. There are numerous amounts of poses in the yoga book. One such asana is the Surya Namaskar, popularly known as the Sun Salutation.  

Surya Namaskar is very well known for weight loss. It is one of the most holistic and simple techniques for losing weight. It is a common sequence of 12 body postures. Each asana is performed first with the right side of your body and then your left side. This is one round of Surya Namaskar. Hence, 12 rounds that make a set of 24 asanas is what you need to do.  

Surya Namaskar has a number of breathing techniques and poses (pranayama and asanas) under its belt.  

Therefore, when you do practise it in the correct way and at the right time, it will change your life completely

However, it may seem to take a little extra time to show results but, trust me you will be happy with the way your body transforms.  Read what is the Best time to do Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

So many of our readers and followers on Youtube asked us questions related to Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, We compiled the most asked question and their answers for you.    


Like I mentioned before, one round of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation consists of 12 yoga poses. One set consists of two rounds of Surya Namaskar, stretching from the right side of your body and then the left side.   

Therefore, the entire Surya Namaskar yoga series consists of completing 12 different sets of Surya Namaskar asana. These poses equal to 288 yoga poses that are performed within a time period of just 10-15 minutes. 

2. How many rounds of Surya Namaskar should you start for weight loss? 

Ideally, it is a good idea to do at least 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar daily. However, if you are a beginner then, start with two to four rounds and then gradually go up to as many as you can comfortably do. As a result, you will burn approximately 55 calories, if you do two to four rounds daily. 

However, beginners should perform these Sun Salutation Poses/asanas under supervision from yoga experts to get maximum benefits. 

3. How many sets of Sun Salutation to do for fast weight  Loss?  

Doing Surya Namaskar at a faster pace than usual can help in losing weight. The poses you perform help in stretching your abdominal muscles causing you to shed pounds around your belly. Hence, it is advised to do 12 sets of Surya Namaskar daily to be able to lose weight. 

4. How many calories do you burn by practising Sun Salutation? 

Studies and research prove that one round of Surya Namaskar burns up to 13.90 calories. However, this result can vary from person to person, depending on your respective bodyweight and lifestyle attributes.  

5. What do you mean by 288 yoga poses in 12 minutes? 

One full round of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) makes up of 12 Yoga Poses.

One set is made up of two rounds of Sun Salutation: 

1st Round – stretch the right side of your Body

2nd Round – Stretch the left side of your body 

Thus, when you practise 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar, you tend to complete 12 sets x 2 rounds per set x 12 yoga Poses = 288 Yoga poses in 12-15 minutes on an average.  


So, now you can set your target of how many rounds of Surya Namaskar you want to do in a day.  Gradually, boost up the number of exercise rounds of Surya Namaskar to 108. By the time you manage to reach this number, you will notice your body growing leaner.   

Surya Namaskar burns up to 417 calories which is much higher than burning calories in 30 minutes of workout such as running, playing football, tennis, basketball, and cycling.  

Thus, you can imagine how many calories you can burn in performing one hour of Surya Namaskar!  

6. Does Sun Salutation Reduce Belly Fat? 

An unsuitable lifestyle, lack of exercise, high amounts of stress, bad eating habits – all make a flabby belly. These habits also result in a weak core – causing low backache and saggy belly fat.

If you do proper Sun Salutation and consume a proper diet it will certainly help you lose belly fat considerably. Surya Namaskar also helps you tone the muscles and reduces bloating.


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How to do Sun Salutation for Weight Loss – Tips and Tricks 

In order to lose weight with the help of Surya Namaskar, inculcate these steps in your daily schedule:

Tip 1:

Learn all the 12 postures that come under Surya Namaskar. You need to perform these asanas with precision. Therefore, it is important to learn how to do Surya Namaskar the right way if you want to lose weight. Thus, make sure you first learn the asanas/poses before doing the actual practice.

To complete all the poses in one go, it will take you around 30 minutes to a whole hour.  

Tip 2:

You need to perform all the 12 postures every day at the same time.

Why so?  Because this will help you lose weight faster.

Listen to gentle and soft music while performing Surya Namaskar to keep you motivated, focused and calm.  

Tip 3:

Also, keep in mind to perform all the 12 postures at a slow and steady pace. If you are a Surya Namaskar beginner, then, it will take you around 15 days to perfect all the poses. As a result, this will instil strength in your body and you will lose weight faster.


Tip 4:

Once you have built enough strength in your body, increase the number of rounds. Thus, practice Surya Namaskar for about 6 days a week and do a total of 12 rounds.  

Tip 5:

Once you finish performing Surya Namaskar, then, make sure you end your practice with 5 minutes of stretching exercises or relaxation poses such as Shavasana or Corpse Pose  

Tip 6:

Even though Surya Namaskar can be done at any time of the day, the most appropriate and beneficial time is sunrise, outdoors while facing the east. Since that is when the sun rays revitalize your body and freshen up your mind.

For those of you living in colder weather conditions – it is perfectly okay to do sn Salutation indoors. In case you happen to practise Sun Salutation in the evening – please face the west. Always remember to start your practice on an empty stomach. 

To know the 12 Poses of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), please watch Video Below presented by Denzil OConnell , Yoga Guru and International Certified Yoga Trainer. Also, read our article on How to do Surya Namaskar. This article demonstrates the yoga pose in detailed steps with pictures.  


So, are you eager to try out Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar for weight loss?  

Just follow the above-mentioned simple steps on how to do Surya Namaskar and you will be on a different journey all to together. Thus, it is a wise decision to opt to do Sun Salutation for weight loss. 


Your body will immensely change as you flow gracefully from one pose to another. All you need to do is enjoy the stretch, keep smiling and breathe in the fresh air. Let your lungs expand and let your body do the yogic dance to tread its way to a healthy body and a calm and happy mind.  

To sum up, this whole article, Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss if followed step by step is the best way to lose weight.

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