relieve let go stress
relieve let go stress
relieve let go stress

How to let go stress

Stress is around us, it’s everywhere. It can be small like waiting an eternity for a train to come or it could be big like a financial crisis or a relationship problem. Big or small it can only be busted by relieving letting go to release stress.

An International poll found that one-third of people across 50 of the world’s biggest cities experience stress. One in six people suffered high levels of stress for more than a month a year. I used the word suffering above because if the stress is managed soon it will not affect us but if it persists for a long time it takes a toll on our physical and mental wellness.

Where does stress come from

In order that we relieve and release stress, we have to find the rascal. Is it events, situations or people that cause us to stress. Which area of our life does it affect: work, relationships, finances or is it none of these. Take time out to write about it. What are the areas that cause you stress: for example stress points like the habit of coming late to meetings, laziness or the simple act of saying no to people can be corrected by working on them. Other causes like relationship stress that involve others will take longer to mend.

Watch the Markers

Being aware is half the cure, become conscious of the markers that foretell you are beginning to get into a stressful situation. For example, you begin to frown or fidget or hold and object like a pen very tightly in your hand. Once you have identified the signs become aware of how you deal with the stress, for instance, many who smoke light up. If you are making the unhealthy choice to cope take note of it. The best way is to just let go and relesae stress.

Find a distraction So

So what’s a good way of releasing stress? In the short term, you could relieve the stress by causing a distraction. Listen to music, read a book, cook, take a walk or sing a song. Changing the sights and sounds that surround you go a long way in relieving and releasing stress.

Keep it simple

In the longer term KISS. Keep it simple stupid, de-clutter your life. Break the difficult down to simple tasks, organise your day fro instance, if there is order stress is busted. Stop doing many tasks at one time. We love to think we can do everything all at once. Give yourself the luxury of enjoying life, one task at a time, stress is busted. Perish the desire of wanting to control every moment of your life, let go, live and stress is busted. Remember simple living takes the stress out of life.

Stop that reaction

Stress is a reaction to a situation; in effect, we deal with stress in reaction mode. You can change that to action mode by becoming aware and paying attention to the stress and eliminating the negative. Be aware; be thankful for the moment and the day. Thank yourself and those around you for all the wonderful things that happened over the last day, month, year. The act of thanks actually takes you out of stress gear and puts you into thankfulness gear.

Breathe out stress

And last but not least, breathe. According to ancient Indian life medicine the deeper you breathe the more of positive energy or prana enters your body, this has a calming effect on you relieving stress. Today Western medicine agrees that deep breathing reduces the levels of stress chemical Cortisol in our body. There is an easy meditative technique that releases stress. I have explained the same in a video on youtube


Don’t distress all you got to do is  just let go, relieve and release stress


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