How to fix Positive Affirmations that don’t work



Powerful positive affirmations don’t work sometimes why

Picture this: It is the night before my big interview there are knots in my stomach my lips are parched and if anxiety could be measured it would be 90 %. What am I going to be asked can I read up some more is there going to be a panel, it almost feels like I’m up for an inquisition. Half an hour later the nervousness is getting to me I raid the fridge for ice-cream my solace food. It’s not going to work shall I call in sick, can I postpone, the thoughts come flooding in. I hit the laptop to read up a little more and then it hits me, my daily positive affirmation are on the desktop staring at me.

  • I’m a success magnet
  • I’m preparing perfectly for the interview
  • I’m perfectly qualified for the job
  • I have got the job and it is the perfect job for me.

Just reading the words a couple of times made me feel better, it’s like the universe had designed this just for me.  The interview went well and I was very happy with how I answered every question and situation put to me

Forward to a couple of weeks and no news on my job at first I said to myself no news is good news but after a point telling yourself that wears thin Three weeks down the line and My “positive affirmations” cannot match the gathering storm within that I failed.  That I’m

4 decades of  knowing myself and growing in awareness have taught me that this is a trap I just cannot allow myself to fall into Ive maybe framed my affirmations wrong so I go back and reframe my affirmations based on what is.

  • I’m a highly qualified
  • I have a good job I enjoy my job and it pays me well
  • I am trying to better my position for which I am looking for a new job
  • I’m getting the right guidance from the universe to peruse the new job
  • I’m am rightly qualified for the job  
  • The Universe has my best interest in mind and has given me the best circumstance to live the moment.
  • Finally, I did land the new job I do enjoy being here, it pays me better and I have more time so I write the blog hahaha !!!

The thing to remember here is that positive affirmations are not a quick fix to a problem but a process of growing where we recalibrate and re set internal mind compasses all the time to chart the moment for ourselves.

The trick is to base it in the truthful present moment and vote for continued improvement. I feel one of the biggest mistakes made is to state something that is impossible for you in the moment. This is in direct conflict with our mind and how it thinks

For example, a big mistake that a lot of us we make many a time is to affirm you have the most beautiful body in the world at 120 kgs and climbing.

Here’s what we say

I have the most beautiful body in the world

You brain in fact is saying liar you are on the bed watching TV and this way in a week you will be 125 kg’s

Your mind will refuse to accept it and finally, I think you will end up feeling worse instead of better.

So in your affirmations be honest with yourself because you can never fool your mind especially the affirmations concerned with self. Be believable in your affirmations and you will achieve them. My way is not to pretend you own the moon but you are building a process of owning the moon you are building a stairway to heaven in bits so to speak.

Why do that you ask because you have to talk the part of you that is in disagreement and change that into belief and engagement and that is done through a positive affirmations.

Over the years I have learned, that my affirmations have to be planned and planted in honesty do not lie to yourself come from a space of self-love and not from a space of serving your ego.

Here’s my take on how to build positive affirmations

  • You love your body and it is the most precious to your world
  • You love your body and are comfortable in your skin
  • You treat yourself with love and respect

For your health, you think that you have to lose some weight

You are putting the best practices in place and the Universe is guiding you in the best possible ways to do that

It is a process of building your mind in self-belief, it does not happen in a day and whenever you see the change please please thank and congratulate yourself. It is important that you acknowledge yourself and the effort you are putting into this process.

Positive affirmations based in love that speak honestly and address improvement and learning are the ones that come true for me. Honestly, I wish you a life of love light and abundance surround yourself in the loving truth and the freedom it brings is invigorating and self-affirming


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