living a mindful happy life
living a mindful happy life
living a mindful happy life

How to build a my way to success attitude

I’ve lived a life that’s full.
I’ve travelled each and every highway,
And more, much more than this,
I did it My Way.
Lines from song ‘My Way’  by Frank Sinatra

It has been a year and how that year has flown, this time last year I quit my job to follow my heart. I wanted to do my own thing make my own road follow my dream. I know what I wanted to do, I knew how to do it and the desire to make it happen ‘now’ the quest for success and instant success in this day and age is a very very strong one. And so I set off on the internet highway to write my rules.

Like me, if you are venturing online,  every day you hear of the big successful online millionaires guys who have created online brands almost overnight. You too are led to believing that marketing and mailing lists seduce the ‘onliner’ into believing he needs whatever it is you are selling.

You work the web waiting for the catch, and then you don’t let him go ever, you bombard him with whatever it is that he needs. I will admit, at first I wanted to get there and fast, take the short cut to success, but a year later and somewhat wiser I will just say I have learnt a lot. So what is it that have I learnt you ask?

Create value

Begin by creating something of value. Believe in what you have and put you all into it.  What you create, your product must speak for itself. Plan in as much detail as possible, my take, the more thought that goes into a product the better it turns out.  Put in as much value into it as you can and make sure that the users, onliners in my case get value out of what you are doing. In this way whatever you do is part of your my way to success plan .

Build trust and confidence

Have confidence in your business. Opt for the simplicity and trustworthiness model in whatever it is you are doing. Keep processes as clean and simple as possible. Listen to what the folks who use your product have to say about it. Gain their trust, bring them in or be on the same page as them, keep track of what they like love or hate what they see and use. Do not be afraid of experimenting to get the right mix. Build your product accordingly, tweaking wherever you need to, , so that both you and the users are in sync.

Factor Time

At first, I had less than 100 visitors to my site for each piece of writing or video I put out. Slowly and steadily it has grown to 50000 and for some items 100000 even. Give whatever it is you are doing time nothing happens overnight unless your product is viral in nature as they call it online. That be the case it is important to remind yourself, this is part my way to success

Fear Not

Do not let fear overtake you. Especially when you are making your own road, sometimes it feels like you are in an Amazonian rain forest without a compass, these are your most testing times. Never let fear take you over. Keep telling yourself that the clearing is just a few hundred feet away, that you will get thru, make a success of whatever it is you are doing at the moment. You know looking back  I now see that at most times when I felt the end of the road less travelled, my way to success was just a few steps away.

It is not easy as the song My way goes on to say

Yes, there were times, I am sure you knew

When I bit off more than I could chew.

But through it all, when there was doubt,

I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall;

And did it my way.


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