I Believe a poem by Denzil Oconnell

I believe denzil oconnell


 I Believe is a poem by Denzil Oconnell
 it is my core belief system and my life runs on these beliefs… I believe that in every moment in our lives we have a choice to approach the moment with love. Embracing the moment with a feeling of love. or we can approach the moment with a feeling of anxiety and fear. The more we are aware in the moment the more we are able to shift our faith in the moment channelling love instead of Fear.
And the thing about love I believe is that it always begins with yourself. You love who you are if you are proud of who you are and what you do. if you build and nurture yourself respecting yourself for who you are you cannot go wrong.
I love, cherish and accept myself just the way I am is a morning mantra for me. A very big part of my life and the I believe in myself philosophy.
What are your beliefs write them down …it’s interesting when you do so
I believe I have to Love myself first
I believe I cannot give love until I have it
I believe love is unconditional otherwise its selfish
I believe that my body the best machine in the world
I believe in discipline and habit
I believe clarity is the mother of action
I believe to have clarity write
I believe if you do what you love you’ll love what you do
I believe if you love what you do, success will follow
I believe that little jobs well done = A big win
I believe that laziness is the only real sin
I believe choices = Life
I believe that life is simple always keep it that way
And am sure there is a lot more to believe in
So I will keep adding to this list


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