Attraction of Distraction

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Dealing with Distraction

I  have a 16-year-old daughter at home. If you have a teenage daughter at home, you too are sailing in the same boat. Namely the attraction to all things net and mobile. On a typical day a gang of teens will meet and after pleasantries have been exchanged it’s time to spend quality ‘I’ time, out come the iPad, iPods and iPhones and Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Facetime come alive. 15 minutes later not a word is being exchanged. However, silence fills the room, and it’s each one to his own distraction.And no this is not limited to the teens alone, today young or old, our attraction to the distraction/s of the virtual world is universal.

I love the internet and mobile technology!

Life would be impossible without the net or smartphone. However, there is no question, today we are more distracted than ever. Moreover, even though we may feel busy toggling between selfie, tab, and ‘whatssapp’, in reality, we are just plain attracted to distraction. As a result, slowly, we are withdrawing from life in all its beauty.

This attraction prevents us from focusing on work, attending to chores at home, doing our homework, playing a sport or just enjoying a quiet walk in the green. It could be just anything and everything. Your question – HOW does one overcome distraction? 

Fix your attraction

What is it that you turn to, is it the Whatsapp screen, Facebook Twitter the chat screen?

What is your Attraction – causing the Distraction? 

After you have identified it, notice how much time you spend on it. Notice how you surf, are you in love with one site or are you a multi-tasker? What are your ‘tech’ habits? Become AWARE of them because sometimes we turn to technology and don’t even know.

Challenge yourself!

Set a timer on your smartphone and your laptop say half an hour (the apps are easily downloaded now). Finally, when it’s over,  get off the virtual world, take the instrument and leave it as far away from you as possible.

Psychologists find that Cooking is Meditation

Find an alternative

Find that one thing that you have been postponing, that will interest and engross you. For instance, if you like to arrange old photographs in albums and have been postponing it for a while, pick up the task and see it through.

Beware – Your mind tries to Reboot to Distraction! 

It will happen! Your mind is a smart cookie. It will try to bring you back to the distraction time and again. Each time you find yourself trying to de-focus from your alternative, be aware and firm on your commitment. Watch the thought and let it pass.


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