Writing A Way Back to Myself

writing for self discovery

Writing – A Journey in Self-Discovery As I hit the keys and black letters that they call words begin to line up to form sentences, I often wonder, what am I doing and where am I headed with this. Slowly thoughts give way to words and words fill in sentences. Sentences a paragraph and before […]

Habits in the forming

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How to Build Good Habits It takes habit to build or break a habit. Through my life, I’v fought with habits some of which were formed in the early years. From biting my nails when I was nervous, to midnight food binges and the big one for me – lying constantly – I’ve done it […]

Thank You For The Gratefulness

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Gratefulness – being thankful at all times When I was a little, little baby my mama said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, naa that was Forrest Gump’s mum…my mum said, “never ever forget your thank you.” When I was a kid I never understood the importance of gratefulness. Many a time I forgot […]

Attraction of Distraction

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Dealing with Distraction I  have a 16-year-old daughter at home. If you have a teenage daughter at home, you too are sailing in the same boat. Namely the attraction to all things net and mobile. On a typical day a gang of teens will meet and after pleasantries have been exchanged it’s time to spend […]

I Believe a poem by Denzil Oconnell

I believe denzil oconnell

 I Believe is a poem by Denzil Oconnell  it is my core belief system and my life runs on these beliefs… I believe that in every moment in our lives we have a choice to approach the moment with love. Embracing the moment with a feeling of love. or we can approach the moment with […]

On a Happy High – Power of Giving

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The Power of Giving One cold winters night in January, when the winds in Delhi bit into all of us like a surgeon’s knife, chilling us to the bone, a bunch of friends and myself decided to buy a stack of blankets and donate them to the less fortunate. The ones who don’t have a […]

Mindful Me

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Creating Mindfulness   Every day for as long as you have been alive – you have run most of your life on auto gear without creating mindful  moments. Moving from one minute to another without thinking… the pancakes the toast the eggs and the newspaper. We go through our daily life in a very routine […]