A must read for parents whose children have asthma

I’ve just uploaded a video on Asthma, a disease that plagued me from day 1 of my life an ailment I had to fight with for a major portion thereafter. While shooting for the video I told myself there is so much more I’d like to share on the topic Asthma in Children so I thought let me take this further with a blog post on the ailment.
In the early years, I battled with Asthma, was in and out of hospital spending a life that was mostly short of breath. Over the years  I learnt to control  the attacks but the Inhalers were part of my – what’s in my pocket equipment along with my purse much like most children who have Asthma. Many years later came awareness and with that a self-cure of the ailment.  Today I walk fearless and without an inhaler in my pocket and I want to share what I believe is the cause of the disease and how this can be arrested especially in children.
Let’s begin at the beginning. Indian traditional science holds that for the first eight years after birth a baby and his or her mother are one. How the mother feels is very largely transmitted to the baby directly. He’s happy when she is and grumpy with her.  It’s therefore very important as the newborn’s mother that you love him/her unconditionally and make the baby feel welcome in the world, cared for, nurtured and comfortable at all times. It is sometimes tiring but it’s a must do.
Remember the baby is completely dependent on you and you cannot and must not show irritation that may give the baby the feeling that she or he is unloved and unwanted.  Remember mothers and fathers that the newborn is very sensitive to your emotional state and any changes in your emotional state will have a direct effect on the baby. When the child feels a lack of love he or she feels unloved, the feeling of being unwanted creeps in and he or she begins to feel that she doesn’t deserve prana the life force. that my friends leads to Asthma in Children
As a parent you may have noticed it already, when there is a lack of love, care and time devoted the baby will sense it at once. At that point, even in the womb, I believe he/ she will start to tighten up, shut his/her lungs down, constrict the airways much like the clenching of the fist.
Remember as I said in my video asthma cause and effect the lungs are the receptacle of prana or life force. If we restrict that sense of love and belonging flowing to the child he/she will believe likewise and develop a lack of deserving of life in all its abundance. That constriction further leads to the development of a distaste for the world around and the allergy to the environment sets in. That is asthma in children for you.
As the baby grows he/she will  figure out a place in the world. If there is still a lack of deserving and love received is not adequate as a teen and beyond he or she will suffer self-esteem issues. The world outside will make it difficult to fit in. This pattern will continue as long as the self-image and love for self is small what began as Asthma as a child will carry forward so long as there is a lack of self-love and self-belief.  The minute the sense of deserving increases the Asthma will subside automatically.
The idea is that you give your baby love and time unlimited and asthma will be arrested. I’m not for a moment saying stop the medicines but add a dose of love and build up love for your child and Asthma will be gone before you know it.


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