6 Anytime anywhere weight loss tips for you

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The Secret on fast weight loss for busy professionals

Balancing the weighing scale and the time at hand is an eternal battle busy on the go professional like you. So I have put together 6 easy anytime weight loss tips just for you to follow

Time and again we hear it and deep down each one of us knows it, that there are no shortcuts to success in any area of our lives. Most definitely not to our fitness goals. Yet, we are hoping and waiting for easy solutions and quick fixes. But do absolutely nothing about it. So how about we make a pact.

As a fitness pro I propose we henceforth start making easy but mindful changes to get some immediate and some long-term results while carrying on with our lives. And without feeling guilty about not joining a gym or not engaging a trainer at home, as you keep promising yourself at the beginning of the year or the summer season.

5 easy weight loss tips 3 walking

Small bursts and big boosts 

Urban living has given us the concrete jungles we live in and work in. Let’s for a change, focus on its upside. There are stairs and there are stairs, which we all happily look away from as we race to get our space in the elevators. Take stairs darlings, every single time, and to make the burn more effective run-up in short bursts, then pace yourself and then put in a short burst again. You can step it up by covering two stairs of a flight at a time.

You will puff and pant a lot more initially if you are not used to taking the stairs but with regular use, you will start improving your endurance, boost your energy levels and trigger the weight loss. Keep going every single day, multiple times a day, and chuck the elevators for good.

5 easy weight loss tips benefits of walking

Little walks go a long way 

If there is 1 weight loss tip I can give you that will last you a lifetime its Walk walk walk walk whenever you can wherever you can. Walk to the nearby market for the little errands. Park your car at a distance from work or get off a station before from the metro. Target putting in two to four ten-minute walks through the day if you cannot spare a straight 30 to 40 minutes walk.

Don’t wanna be sweaty at work? Carry or keep a change in office. It will require a little effort from you initially but when you start losing those inches around the girth, you will be all fired up and addicted to the process. It would never seem a struggle anymore.

5 easy weight loss tips 4 exercising

Five minute fits as your daily fix 

Spend five minutes a day either before leaving for work or once back from work doing basic bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, butt kicks, high knees, planks and push-ups. Step up the time if you have the time and inclination but ensure at least five minutes a day and let the magic work.

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In due course of time, you will feel your strength going up and your stamina to do most things including going through your day at work, boosted. Not only that it will over time result in weight loss as well.

5 easy weight loss tips 4 household chores

Go to functional fitness on weekends

A lot of trending forms of fitness like Cross-fit or functional fitness borrow from our day to day activities such as pulling or tugging a rope, moving heavy loads, lifting, squatting, pushing, stepping up or jumping. The idea is to do these activities with more awareness and mindfulness, controlling your muscles and movements and keeping your stomach pulled in while breathing properly and keeping good posture.

Do this on a Sunday. Schedule a dusting, spring cleaning, rearranging your cupboards or redecorating a room on Sundays. And do it like a workout rather than a chore. The resultant perks are many to this one. You burn calories, kick up your metabolism, have a happy spouse, a clean and sparkling home, and so much good Feng Shui!

5 easy weight loss tips 6 dancing

Dance your flab away 

It doesn’t hurt every now and then to wear your dancing shoes while partying with your friends or sitting at home wondering what to do with your free time. Play that latest top of the charts number and practice your Bollywood pelvic thrusts and thumkas if you are in India and if you are abroad its belly dancing is you go to .

Do it wearing clothes that sit well with you and in front of the mirror for effect and improvisation. Now turn up the volume and dance your heart out. Multiple advantages – It’s a great work out and fat burner. It de stresses you better than anything else. It improves your dancing skills. And your self-esteem over a period of time. If you are not the thrust and thumkas kind, just play your EDM or hot list and go with your preferred genre of dancing.

5 easy weight loss tips 2 healthy eating

You are what you eat 

Ultimately all your small and big effort could go wasted if you do not eat well. That includes, not eating too less as much as not eating too much. It’s important to fill in the gaps between meals with healthy options such as fruits, salads, sprouts and the likes.

Eat a good big breakfast, a good moderate size lunch and a really light dinner. It’s all true about avoiding carbs at night. So to make sure that you don’t feel hungry later, have a healthy home-made sandwich or your carbs around 6 pm. That way you can focus on eating a healthy dinner low on carbs or no carbs.

Restrict your urges for the junk food on a Saturday or a Sunday. And even then, eat but don’t binge. This regular once in a week indulgence keeps your soul satiated and your body trimmed.

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Try these measures for a month, and if you get the hang of it you will come back asking for more. Improved fitness will get you improved health, improved stamina, improved vigour, improved energy, improved mind. Bottom line, you are that much closer to your promotion and increment at work.

These 6 anytime anywhere weight loss tips are easy on you and a healthy way to go . However if you are too busy for even these, my only advice to you is step up that premium on your Mediclaim. You are going to need it for more than your tax benefits. And you my friend, the professional that you are knows the smarter investment now, don’t you?



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  1. super practical doable stuff….insightfull and practicality mixed togther makes it a easy to make it a part of daily routine…thanks for the article

  2. Whenever we think about loosing weight, things came to out mind is dieting and spending sweaty hours in gym, which is practically not possible with such busy schedule. But these steps seems quite simple and easy to start. I am going to start this from tomorrow morning. Hopefully will get good results, not Immediately but definitely.
    Thanks Sapna, you are really an inspiration for so many people.

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