Meditation Music Tips For Beginners 4

Meditation Music Tips For Beginners 4
To many of us Meditation music is an integral part of the meditation process. Music and meditation go hand in hand. And there is reason let me begin by saying that sound and therefore music is energy, and we know for sure that it can energise us and lift our spirits. When the same is adapted ot meditation it lifts the quality of our meditation experience, especially for beginners.
Having said that, I have many a time noticed, in my meditation sessions that some of those partaking in the session find that the music interferes with the practice. My solution is simple to meditate without music and then in another session meditate on the music. Music with its vibrations and frequencies lends rhythm to our body and mind making way for positive energies to flow.
A recently-released study by the University of California suggests that listening to music and singing can make one healthier. Increased levels of disease-fighting proteins were discovered in persons who regularly listened to music and sang along. Soft soothing music will lift the mediation experience bringing about a calm and relaxed meditation session.


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