Swachh Bharat begins at home

cleaning-up-swachh-bharat abhiyan

Swachh bharat abhiyan must begin in each of our homes A Prime Minister broom in hand makes for a great picture op, and in this India’s PM Narendra Modi is not alone he is joined in his latest Swachh bharat campaign by a multitude of stars from Bollywood the cricket world and beyond.  The lowly ‘Jhadoo’ […]

Iam a star, this is my film

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Visualise your life as a film Close your eyes and say the words after me, ‘I am a couch potato’, all of a sudden you can visualise in your mind a frame, a picture of yourself sitting on a couch with a big bag of popcorn watching TV. We think in images and movies and […]

Healthy mindful criticism


How to criticise healthily “You are good for nothing, you can’t do a simple task.”  “Your work @#$%, you are a donkey, you are pea brained.” Phrases we either hear or blurt out on a daily basis at home or at work, the collective noun for which is criticism. More often than not the intention […]

Love your body

love-yourself the practice of self love

How to love yourself Enjoy your body, use it every way you can, don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own. Baz Luhrmann . 90% of all the people I meet on a day to day basis don’t love their body.

Slow Down – Take Notice – Practice Mindfulness


Mindfulness Helps Reduce Stress Over the past few days, I have been told to slow down on more than one occasion. Words like you are walking too fast or speak slowly you talk too fast to understand. You’ve finished eating did you just swallow your meal in one go. The last one that I heard […]

Managing work related stress

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How to manage stress at work Headlines : The reason why Managing work-related stress is so important is extremely clear as per the following study. The UK Health and Safety Executive of  2011/12 states 428,000 people reported work-related stress at levels that were making them ill, That’s 40% of all work-related illness.  The American Psychological […]

The Bachchan Principle


5 ways Amitabh Bachchan success mantras inspire us everyday In my line of work as an Entertainment Journalist, I  meet numerous stars and  I must confess there is one star whose life and style I’m particularly struck by and so when I was looking to write on the inspiration we garner from the stars my […]

Asthma in Children


A must read for parents whose children have asthma I’ve just uploaded a video on Asthma, a disease that plagued me from day 1 of my life an ailment I had to fight with for a major portion thereafter. While shooting for the video I told myself there is so much more I’d like to […]

I Failed

how to deal with failure

How to deal with failure  It’s great to say that success is failure turned around and only those who fail greatly, achieve greatly. Golden words very wisely carved into the minds of those who try, but what happens when you try and try and fail again. You have tried your best and one fine day […]

5 Easy ways to stay healthy

Easy ways to stay healthy watch what you eat and drink

Easy Tips to good health Care for your body and it will care for you is my theory on health in general.   This has evolved over time.   Along the way, I fell for many a punishing diet and ‘lose those inches plan’ only to quit later.   Somewhere along the way came the […]