How to prepare for Yoga? How to start Yoga at home


Before we start Yoga Poses let us first understand how to prepare for Yoga at home and what are the prerequisites to start the practice.  A lot of people follow religious leaders without really knowing the purpose of life. Only satisfied with the rituals and traditions. Yoga imparts practical and scientific techniques to find the […]

How to do the 12 Basic Yoga Postures: Names, Steps, Pictures, Benefits


What are the 12 Basic Yoga Poses (Asanas), especially for beginners – is one of the most asked questions each year before the World Yoga Day celebrated on 21st Jun. So, here I have compiled the 12 Basic Yoga Poses for all our readers from across the globe and for all of you who want […]

How to do the Plow Pose Halasana and its Benefits in Yoga

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The Plow Pose (plough pose), Halasana is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Hala’ which means ‘Plough’. It is named so because the final pose resembles the plough (plow), a piece of agricultural equipment typically used in Tibet and India. The equipment that is used to prepare the soil for sowing crops. Symbolically, the plough (plow) is represented […]

Yoga made easy the secret is in the Breathing


Yoga made easy the secret is in the Breathing   It was early this morning that I had an epiphany, for yoga made easy the secret is in the breathing. Of late yoga classes are a must for me and when you are on the mat as I am every morning it is as much […]

Yoga Exercises All you want and need to know about Yoga

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blog-international-yoga-day The Benefits of Yoga Practice and Yoga Exercises  International yoga day is just one day in the year, but what it brings with it is an energy of change. If you are reading this you are most certainly looking for reasons to take up a yoga practice. Now when you hear the word practice […]