Affirmations: Forgiving Yourself to Heal Your Soul


Forgiveness is easier said than done, more so when you set out with the intention of Forgiving Yourself to Heal your Soul. A lot of us walk around with pain in the deepest recess of our heart. Moreover, we seldom realise that by nurturing and living with the wound of unforgiveness – we are doing […]

10 Money Affirmations to become a Money Magnet


The most obvious reason why money affirmations are practised is to become a Money Magnet. Practising money affirmations is the most effective process to succeed in life. You want to “Make More Money” or are looking for answers to “How to become RICH.” Right? You are at the right place at the right time! How […]

How to fix Positive Affirmations that don’t work


Powerful positive affirmations don’t work sometimes why Picture this: It is the night before my big interview there are knots in my stomach my lips are parched and if anxiety could be measured it would be 90 %. What am I going to be asked can I read up some more is there going to […]