Yoga Poses to Improve Bad Posture at Work

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Sit Straight! Why are you slouching? Straighten up your back? I am sure you have heard all of this before from your family, teachers or friends.   Struggling with poor posture? Well, if you slouch and hunch all day, you are bound to have a poor posture. Especially if your job makes you sit for long […]

Yoga or Gym – What is better?

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Yoga or gym – Which is better? Can you get fit doing Yoga?  Is yoga as good as weight training?  How long does it take to see results from Yoga?  Yoga or Gym is a question often asked. For a healthy body, staying fit is imperative – by enjoying the benefits of physical activities. Physical activities […]

Yoga for Kids – A Requirement or Necessity?

Is Yoga for Kids a necessity or not in modern times is a big question for every parent.  In today’s time, the word ‘childhood’ has a very different image of what it was in the ’80s and ’90s. For all those born in the ’90s or before that, playing outdoors meant exercise for the whole […]

The ultimate guide to choosing yoga pants

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The ultimate guide to choosing Yoga Pants is here for you! Yoga Pants – How to choose the right one for you? Yoga pants come in many and varied shapes, sizes, colours and textures. They retail from $ 80 to $ 800 and to the yoga beginner choosing yoga pants is the next toughest task […]

Yoga made easy the secret is in the Breathing


Yoga made easy the secret is in the Breathing   It was early this morning that I had an epiphany, for yoga made easy the secret is in the breathing. Of late yoga classes are a must for me and when you are on the mat as I am every morning it is as much […]

Yoga Exercises All you want and need to know about Yoga

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blog-international-yoga-day The Benefits of Yoga Practice and Yoga Exercises  International yoga day is just one day in the year, but what it brings with it is an energy of change. If you are reading this you are most certainly looking for reasons to take up a yoga practice. Now when you hear the word practice […]