Denzils Best Yoga Nidra Script for Deep Sleep with video and podcast

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Yoga Nidra Script for Deep Sleep with video and podcast This Yoga Nidra Script is to instantly rest, relax and restore. Denzil’s Guided Sleep Meditation induces deep sleep. I am posting this Script as a result of many-a-request from Denzil O’Connell’s followers on the App Insight Timer. Why do I consider this Yoga Nidra Script […]

12 Steps on How to do Meditation for Beginners – By Swami Sivananda


What is Meditation? A lot has been written and spoken on meditation, however you actually require a very long time to understand the true meaning of meditation. It is best to understand it as you understand sleeping. As you cannot teach ‘sleeping’ – so is ‘meditation.’ You sleep when you are in a suitable conditions […]

Meditation Benefits 5 Medically Proven Gains

The benefits of meditation are many for those of us who practice it but for the doubting Thomases among us, evidence becomes the cornerstone of our decision on whether to meditate or not. With this is mind I went to town to collect evidence medical evidence to support my cause, that of finding five very […]

Meditation Tips For Beginners 5


Through these video’s my mission is to make your meditation experience more fruitful. A lot of us who begin meditation practice leave it just as fast . There are many myths many questions. In this video meditation tips 5  I have talked about the what, when and how of easy meditation practice. Does stress get […]

Meditation Music Tips For Beginners 4

To many of us Meditation music is an integral part of the meditation process. Music and meditation go hand in hand. And there is reason let me begin by saying that sound and therefore music is energy, and we know for sure that it can energise us and lift our spirits. When the same is […]

Meditation Tips For Beginners 2


One of the biggest challenges in meditation for beginners is to control our thoughts.When we are meditating  thoughts fly through our mind making concentration and attention are very difficult. Thoughts are one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the path of the meditation student. And yet it’s quite simple, during mindfulness meditation you  take note […]

One Minute Meditation with Denzil

Do you find it difficult to meditate.?We might try to sit, but your mind is too stressed to occupied Do you find it difficult to meditate. We might try to sit, but your mind is too stressed to occupied to meditate. Worry not just close your eyes and breath. Watch your breath and even if […]