Why a Young Boy Quits Football – Short Story Motivational


Stage 1: Why did the Young Boy Quit Football – Short Motivational Story One Minute Feel Good Short Story (500 words):  There was once a young boy who was trying very hard to get into his School Football team. He was very hardworking and played his sport sincerely, yet he missed getting into the final […]

The Empty Boat Story – Zen Lessons on Anger


Buddhist Monk Short Story: The Empty Boat Story – Journey Begins There was a monk who lived in a monastery. He took it on himself to meditate in a faraway place from his monastery, where there was no other human being.  Thus, he woke up at the crack of dawn and headed towards a distant […]

Why Should We Read Books – Short Motivational Story


Why Should We Read Books In a Village, there happened a dog. As the dog grew up it started searching for food and ate some wild vegetables in the jungle.  One day, the dog got the fright of his life when the forest caught fire and managed to run away.  Once the fire subsided, the dog […]