Gyan Mudra Steps and Benefits

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Gyan Mudra or Chin Mudra (Psychic gesture of Knowledge) Gyan Mudra (Chin Mudra) is the most commonly used posture while meditating. It energises your body with physical and mental health. In Sanskrit: Chin means consciousness, and Mudra means gesture or seal. Thus, Gyan mudra could easily be understood as a ‘gesture of consciousness’. Since this Mudra […]

Yoga Mudras with Pictures

Yoga Mudras, how to do it, how do each Yoga mudras benefit us: is what I have put together in this article. It aims at making it simple for you to practice the mudras easily. The body comprises of Five Elements: Fire (Agni) Air (Vayu) Aether or Space (Akasha) Earth (Bhumi) Water (Jala) Yoga mudras […]