Fighting pollution with smart smog solutions

Smart Smog solutions 5a

Smart smog solutions are an easy way to fight pollution.  In fighting pollution with smart smog solutions, we first need to understand the varied methodology to breathe easy even if there is hazardous pollution.  According to 2016, the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) over a quarter of the world’s population breathes heavily polluted air. Here are […]

Swachh Bharat begins at home

cleaning-up-swachh-bharat abhiyan

Swachh bharat abhiyan must begin in each of our homes A Prime Minister broom in hand makes for a great picture op, and in this India’s PM Narendra Modi is not alone he is joined in his latest Swachh bharat campaign by a multitude of stars from Bollywood the cricket world and beyond.  The lowly ‘Jhadoo’ […]