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 How to turn negative thoughts positive

 ‘The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your negative thoughts about these circumstances.’

Andrew Bernstein

The truth is more often than not the negative thoughts play around in my head and no matter how hard I fight they just cling on and will not go away. Sometimes the more I try to get rid of a thought the firmer it digs itself into my mind. Does that happen to you too?  

Only the other day he point was brought home with this with a new website project that I have taken up. Even before it is up and running  I have caught myself many a time thinking of the pitfalls of hosting and running the site. I also know in all wisdom that if I keep the negative thinking up my thoughts will hijack the project. So what do we do so to overcome the negative?

1st practice

Do not believe in the thoughts. Become aware of how ridiculous really most of our thoughts are, and how much grief they bring because we are thinking about a moment that has not arrived yet. At times like this what I do is just acknowledge the ridiculous or negative thoughts that pop into my head and then release them. A mindfulness practice that takes a little awareness but brings great results.

2nd practice

In the parallel what I do is create a diversion in my mind. For instance, whenever I am faced with a negative thought or ‘nots’ my word for many negative thoughts I consciously reach for my IPod turn on the music and hum along. This creates a diversion from the negative. Diversions are great because it allows the mind to act later instead of reacting in the moment.

3rd practice

Surround and insulate yourself from the negative (if it becomes overbearing) with positive people and positive thoughts. Sometimes the negative thoughts flood our mind, become aware of the situation, each and every time there is a negative thought and mentally replace it with a positive thought on the same subject in its place.  For instance, you have a negative thought on a meeting with your boss.

Replace it with positive thoughts on the meeting. For instance thing and visualise that he is happy to meet you and that the meeting is a breeze, trust me it will be smooth sailing from there on after all you have the ‘breeze’ in your favour. Always be grateful for all things and people big and small in your life let the positive energy flow thru you. It will reduce negative thinking in you.

4th practice

Start listing out what you’re thankful for. Many a time we forget that there are gazillion things in our life that are going right for us and tend to focus on the one thing that is going wrong. it’s time to stand back and count your blessings. You need to re-train and focus your mind on all the good happening around you instead of the bad.  Don’t take anything for granted, at times the good is right in front of us and we fail to see it.

Bottom line, that’s where we are, the brain is rewireable. It just has to be reminded of the positive time and again until it becomes a habit. Look beyond the imperfection focus on the positive and positive it will be.