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History is testimony that Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer of all time. He was King of the ring in it and outside he is known for his quotable We have a lot to learn from his attitude and from his words. This small collection of Muhammad Ali quotes that spell out his wisdom will inspire you.

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) was one of the greatest sporting figures of the 20th century. An Olympic gold medalist and the first fighter to capture the heavyweight title three times, Ali won 56 times in his 21-year professional career.

Ali’s outspokenness on issues of race, religion and politics made him a controversial figure during his career and post that into retirement too. The heavyweight Champion who faced much discrimination in his early years as a boxer was as quick with his smart one liners and quotes as  with his fists.

His most famous line “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee ” was the inspiration for a superhit song as well

here are a selection of Muhammad Ali famous quotes, quips and taunts which when you read you will  figure were  in deed as quick as his fists



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