I believe denzil oconnell


I believe denzil oconnell
I believe denzil oconnell
I cannot give you much but my belief.  My life runs on these beliefs…What are your beliefs write them down …it’s interesting when you do so
I believe I have to Love myself first
I believe I cannot give love until I have it
I believe love is unconditional otherwise its selfish
I believe that my body the best machine in the world
I believe in discipline and habit
I believe clarity is the mother of action
I believe to have clarity write   
I believe if you do what you love you’ll love what you do
I believe if you love what you do, success will follow
I believe that little jobs well done = A big win 
I believe that laziness is the only real sin
I believe choices = Life
I believe that life is simple always keep it that way
And am sure there is a lot more to believe in J
So I will keep adding to this list