Psychologists find that Cooking is Meditation

10, September 2017 1

Cooking Meditation – Not a Myth Anymore Last weekend I was in the kitchen stirring up a storm in the cauldron preparing our family favourite,…

Healthy Body

Managing and Curing diabetes You can begin today

13, March 2018 0

Start Curing diabetes today-change how you feel emotionally Do you have diabetes? Do you wish you didn’t have to worry about daily sugar levels? Currently,…

Famous Quotes

Top 10 Inspirational Sports Quotes of All Time

28, August 2017 0

Top 10 Inspirational Sports Quotes of All Time This set of sports quotes reflects the impressive work ethic and relentless dedication that sports persons across…

Self Healing

How to Heal Your Back Ache and Knee Pain

4, September 2016 0

As part of my ‘heal yourself’ series in the Mind Body Connect area today I’m going to talk to you about knee pain and back…

Asthma Cause and Effect

4, September 2016 0

There is a cause and effect to an Asthmatic attack. Science believes that asthma leads to low self-esteem which in turn leads to low self-love.…

Heart Attack | Causes | And The Love Connection

4, September 2016 0

Modern medicine suggests that  heart disease is caused by a diet loaded up with processed food,  and complex carbohydrates, the  ‘bad’ cholesterol. This causes plaque…

Yoga 101

The ultimate guide to choosing yoga pants

13, September 2017 1

How to choose  the right  yoga pants Yoga pants come in many and varied shapes, sizes, colours and textures. They retail from $ 80 to…